Monday, October 26, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – The Dragon Hoard

El Patron has a heart attack and Matt is cleaned up and hurried to the hospital. Matt wants to question Tam Lin about his actions as a terrorist. El Patron survives thanks to a “piggy back heart” and Matt is not neared.

El Patron angrily reacts to Matt’s suggestion that he’d feel better if he gave help to the poor. Tam Lin describes El Patron’s “dragon hoard;” his treasure that he intends to be buried with.
  1. Compare and contrast Celia’s view of the Farm Patrol with Matt’s experience?

  2. Describe Celia’s behavior at the beginning of the chapter?

  3. Where is Celia and Matt rushing to? Why?

  4. What is done to Matt upon entering the hospital?

  5. What “strange” activity was Tam Lin doing?

  6. Who would provide El Patron with a “donor heart?”

  7. What questions did Matt want to ask Tam Lin?

  8. How old is El Patron now?

  9. What is meant by “In the end they’re only rocks” (p. 183).

  10. What is El Patron’s reaction to Matt describing St. Francis’ perspective on giving to the poor (p. 183-184)?

  11. What is a “Dragon Hoard?” Why did Tam Lin tell the story?


  1. 1 Their similair in ways of being there

    2 Frantic and a bit Grumpy

    3 The hospital to see El patron

    4 He was takin to a bed because he didnt feel well, he was having something similair to a migrain

    5 He was watching over Matt like he was the doctor

    6 Maybe a clone

    7 Why he was so evil

    8 148 years old

    9 Not everything stays valuable forever

    10 He was in shock, he obviously loves his valuables like his children

    11 The dragon guards its treasure and it connects with the St. Francis story

  2. 1- could had both turned into ejjits

    2- sad and scared

    3- the hospital because el patron had a heart attack

    4- he almost had his heart ripped out

    5- he was avioding matt

    6- a pig

    7- did he kill the school bus kids

    8- 148 years old

    9- no one will be alive forever

    10- realy not good

    11- a person that is greedy