Sunday, February 8, 2009

DBQ Project

For this project you will be collaborating as a class to create a Document Based Question (DBQ) on World Religions using a variety of class and internet resources.

The project will consist of the following steps:

  1. As a class, we will develop the historical context and task of the DBQ assignment.
  2. You will then, independently, find three documents to incorporate into the document based question. The three documents must be different:
    • Primary Source
    • Secondary Source or Image/Cartoon/Chart
    • Short You Tube Video or other Clip.

  3. Read/analyze your document. What is salient (important)? Develop a scaffolding question for that document.
  4. Post the document with the scaffolding question. Repeat for each of your three documents.
  5. Comment on each of your classmates' questions. If they are really good or really confusing, leave feedback/suggestions. If you think its good as it is, answer the scaffolding question.
  6. As a class, we will pair the DBQ down to seven to nine documents and re-evaluate the historical context and task.
  7. The completed DBQ will be copied from the Blog, pasted into a Word Document, and presented to Mrs. Zoeke.
You will be graded on your ability to collaborate with your peers, individual effort, and the overall quality of your work. If you are have difficulty, it's your responsibility to self-advocate and problem solve with Mr. Hermance.

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