Thursday, February 26, 2009

LAWNI - Chapter 2

  1. The meteor has struck the moon. Describe the change in people's behavior before and after the the meteor impacted the moon.
  2. What has happened to the moon? Describe the change.
  3. What has happened to the coastal cities? Based on what you know about the moon, why has this happened?
  4. After the collision, Miranda feels that "Civilization has ended" (p. 21). Why? Are the tools she talks about indispensable to our civilization?


  1. 1 they are runing around in a state of panic.

    2 it has been hit by a meteor and it is getting closer.
    3 they are under water cause the moon contrpolls the tides cause it is getting closer.

    4 we cant srvive without it or we die.

  2. 1.The behavior of people before the meter hit is there scared and can't wait to see what happens and after the meter hits everybody wants to know what happened and that there scared.

    2.What happened to the moon is that it got bigger, got closer to the ground and is really bright also it got hit by a meteor.

    3.The coastal cites got flooded. This has happened because the moon controls the tides.

    4.Miranda thinks Civilization has ended because the phones don't work and the t.v's also don't work. Yes the tools Miranda talks about are indispensable to are Civilization.

  3. 1. Before the meteor struck the moon people were excited to see it in the sky. After the meteor hit the moon people were screaming and they went back to their homes thinking it was a big mistake not to worry about the meteor hitting the moon before it happened.

    2. After the moon was hit by the meteor it got closer to earth and it was bigger.

    3. The coastal cities were flooded. Usually the moon pulls the tides back but since the meteor hit the moon things have become unbalanced and the tides were not being pulled back by the moon anymore.

    4. Civilization depends on the moon. People depend on the moon to tell time. Not only the tides were affected but the weather was affected too, and that could affect civilization.

  4. 1.they are in panic and they are praying has goten closer to the earth

    3.the coast lines are haveing masif flooding


  5. Number four clearly was confusing. By tools, I mean cell phones, computers, Internet, etc. We are a society dependent on technology and the rapid communication of information. How would your life be different if you couldn't check your Facebook/Myspace account, instant message, text message, or call friends?