Sunday, March 1, 2009

LAWNI - Chapter 3

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  1. What changes does Miranda notice in people immediately after the meteor strike?
  2. What does Miranda experience at the supermarket that makes her think things have changed for the worse (p. 35-38).
  3. Was Miranda's mother only concerned with providing for her family? Why or why not?
  4. If a natural disaster hit Rochester and you would be without electricity for several weeks, what would be the ten things you would want to get from Wegmans? What problems would you suspect you would have acquiring these things?


  1. The changes Miranda sees in people right after the meteor hit is that their sacred and crazy about buying food and most of them think that the world is going to end. What Miranda experience at the grocery store that makes her think things are changing for the worse is that everybody is buying tons of food in case the world is going to end. No Miranda's mother is don't only concerd about gitting food for her family because she wants to make shure that her friend that lives next stor also has so has enough food for the several weeks. If a natural disaster hit Rochester and the power was out for several weeks the ten things I would want to get from Wegmans is a turkey already cooked, some chips and dip, fruit, water, candy, juice, salid and dressing, cookies, dog food, fish food and a bureto. The problems that would probably acquir because of the meteor strike is the computer's not working, the phones of the hoock and the t.v's, there woul probably would be alot of rain and thunder from the desaster.

  2. people are a littel more scard.

    people are fighting for carts.

    no miranda's mom went to help a man get food and dipers.

    i would get milk,cand food, towlet paper, sope,friut, vegetibals, detrgent, water, tooth past,and snacks and one problum will be getting t these things and being able to fight for my cart.

  3. 1. At first they were cheering and then after the astroid the moon it hit they started screaming. Some people ran to their cars and sped away, some people started singing the Star Spangeled Banner and other people started to pray.
    2. People were stealing carts and two men were fist fighting and Miranda had to plow through people to get supplies and people were just screaming and yelling and they were also fighting over food.
    3. she was not only helping her family she was helping other people like Mrs. Nesbitt. and her family
    4.I would probably get some food and some water.I would probably get some bird food, some candles, some matches, and a medical kit.

    Hi Mr. Hermance its Corey oh hi emily and adam and julianna

  4. 3. She also helped the man with a pregnant wife and child get supplies.
    4. I would also get some fruit rollups, chocolate and a generator and some canned fruit and canned vegetables. and maybe some rope. The trouble I could run into getting those supplies could be long lines to get food or fighting or they could run out of food.