Monday, March 2, 2009

LAWNI - Chapter 4

  1. How would you descrbe Miranda's relationship with her brothers, Matt and Jonny?

  2. How has the moon affected weather around the world? How has it effected life locally in Miranda's community?

  3. Why is there National Day of Mourning?

  4. In this chapter, gasoline has reached $9 a gallon. When gas topped $4 a gallon locally last year, it was a burden for many people. How would a sudden spike in fuel to $9 affect your family? Ask your parents if you are unsure.


  1. the famliy are close because of the moon.

    the moon is making the tides big and the wind strong. the schools would be closed.

    it is for the people that died from this.

    they would never drive agen if it is that high.

  2. 1.Miranda's relationship with her brothers is that their more close to each other because of the moon and being really scard.

    2.The moon affected the weather around the world by flooding places around the world and power going out. It effected life locally in Miranda's community by the power going out alot and it being really dark outssid.

    3. There's a National Day of Mourning because the moon mad the power go out and theres alot of flooding in some parts of the world.

    4.The gas prices going up wouldn't really effect my family because we would still by the gas but it would be to much money for us to buy.

  3. 1: I think that mareinda and her borthers are a fairly close.

    2: The moon has affed the eaths wether by makeing the tides highter and the power has been going out a lot.

    3: There a national day of morning so that all the poeple of the world could pray a lot

    4: Gas would affect mt family greatly and we wouldnt be able to go any where and we could pay for it and there would be way less money for food

  4. 1. Miranda feels closer to her brothers because of this tradegy from the moon. They feel closer because they never know what might happen in the future because they could live or they could die thats why they choose to be closer.

    2. The coastlines could be flooded all over the world because we share the moon with the rest of the world. Some countries have been completely wiped out, especially islands. Miranda's communtiy was affected by not having electricity. She was affected by not being able to socialize with her friends on weekends. They couldn't get fresh food and they had to eat canned vegetables and fruits.

    3. There is a national day of mourning because a lot of people died along the coastline of the nation. Because of the cause of so many deaths it has affected the nation.

    4. We would not only have not enough money to pay for gas we would have a hard time paying for food, we wouldn't be able to drive the car and we wouldn't be able to pay the bills. And because of the price on gas going up people that work in Wegmans will raise their prices.