Sunday, March 22, 2009

LAWNI - Chapter 8

This chapter continued to deal with change and loss, particularly people leaving Miranda's life, at least in the short term. Dad and Lisa are moving, Dan is being sent off with his father to strike out on his own and Sammi is running off with her forty year old boyfriend.

There is an interesting contrast in this chapter. Mom is doing everything she can to keep Matt, Jonny and Miranda healthy and the family together while her friends are departing for the good of those who stay behind in Pennsylvania. Others leave with the hope things are better in the south.

  1. Why does Sammi leave town with forty-year-old George? How does Miranda feel about this?

  2. What is Dan's father's plan for Dan? Why do you think he is doing this?

  3. How has the changing weather effected animals at the farm Jonny had to work at?

  4. Jonny is the first to verbally express the idea "Are we all going to die?" How does everyone at the dinner party respond to this?

  5. If you were Miranda, what options about the future might you be considering at this point?


  1. 1.Sammie leaves town with 40 year old George because hes going out of town and Sammie's parents think she should go with him and Sammie thinks he can provided her with what ever she needs. Miranda doesn't like that Sammie's leaving town because Sammie and Miranda us to be really close friends and she doesn't want to loos one of her friends again.

    2.Dan's father plans for him to leave on a motorcycle and head to California where his sister us to live probably because his father doesn't want him to get sick like his mother did and maby he will find his sister alive somewhere when he gets there.

    3.The changing weather effected animals at the farm by making the animals not give a lot of milk and eggs.

    4.Everybody is shocked that Johnny asked are we going to die but everybody told him that their not going to die yet.

    5.If I was Miranda I might consider at this point about the future is maby we will die, I really hop the moon doesn't get closer to the ground and that nobody else or me would get sick.

  2. 1: sammi leavs because the thinks that it will be better down south and he will protect her. mrainda doesnt think that her parents would ever alow that if the world wasnt comeing to an end


    3:the weather affected the animals at the farm by makeing the chickens not lay as much eggs and the cows not make as much milk

    4: they said that they werent going to die yet but they were all veary suprised

    5: i would try to get my own house and food so i can survive and be safe and probly try to go down south and find sammi and see if she was ok

  3. Sammie and Miranda have both gone there own ways and it’s really disgusting how Sammie has 40 year old boy friend its…..its not right
    2. Dan and his father are going to strike on there own
    3there not doing well I guess
    4. They were very silent
    5. I would probably get ready for heaven