Monday, March 30, 2009

LAWNI - Chapter 12

If you were Miranda, I'd bet you wouldn't look at chocolate chips the same way again after this chapter. The weather is really changing; 20 degrees the first week of September!
  1. Do you think the reaction Miranda’s mother has when she sees Miranda eating the bag of chocolate chips is appropriate, or did she overreact? (p. 193–95) How does her mother’s reaction affect Miranda emotionally? (p. 195)
  2. The family finally gets letters from Dad. What does he report? (p. 196-198).
  3. What do you suppose is meant by the following line: "Sometimes it's safer to cry about people you don't know than to think about people you really love." (p. 199).


  1. 1. I think Miranda's mother is just overreacting I don't think it's to much of a big deal if Miranda ate the bag of chocolate chips.

    2. Dad reports that he and Lesa can't cross the border to get to Lesa's parents.

    3. If you think about people you know it's not to good because will probably get to worried about them thats why thinking about people you don't know you probably want worry about them as much as your family.

  2. I thinkl mirandas mom did the right thing because now miranda has guilt on her mind.

    He sed the border police wont let them go throught the state to get to kansis and the gas is low in the car.

    It mean you should think about the people that you know because you know what there life is like but you don't know about the people you don't know about there life.

  3. 1.I think Mirandas mother is really serous about Miranda eating the food, they could run out and it was for matts birthday. how do you think he would feel. and miranda feels like a pig
    2.the dad reports that they might...might not cross the boarder

  4. If people meet during a crises and never see them again we really don't know what might have happen to them but what ever happend to they stay in our memories

  5. 1: I think that maraindas mom was overreacting because you cant force a chiled to not eat. It affects marinda emotionaly because she doesnt feel as tho her mother loves her as much as matt or jonny.

    2: When the family gets a letter from there dad he says that they had to be at a reffuee camp till they could get across the boader.

    3: The line means that is better to cry about somewon you dont know then to cry about somewon who is close to you because it could hurt you more and make you more woried about them.