Wednesday, March 4, 2009

LAWNI - Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

So far in Life As We Knew It, Miranda's mother's quick thinking has enabled her family to quickly acquire everything necessary to sustain them in the short term. While they will have to do without certain 21st century luxuries, the family should not have to worry about anything until the winter.

If a natural disaster was to hit the Rochester area, how prepared would you be? Take the following quiz (Natural Disaster Preparedness Quiz) and post your answer to the following questions:

  1. In your opinion, how prepared are you for the possible disaster scenarios described in the quiz?
  2. What are three things you learned from the quiz.


  1. 1.I don't think I would be that prepared for the disaster because the flodding I would know to go to higher ground but I woundn't really know what to do for a huracan.

    2.The three things I learned fron the quize is that I don't really know what to do if theres a desaster, I would know how to get out of a flood, I really dont know what to do if there was a tornado.

  2. i did fairly well on the quiz

    i need to learn more about this stuff

  3. 1: I think im that prepared for a natral disaster but i could be more perpared because i didnt do that well on the quiz. I was rong of some of the litle things. like where to take your pet.

  4. 1 i think im am prepard for the snow stormes because we get them around here but i dont think im prepard for the hurricans in florda or the tornados in tornado vally or the flooding in new orlens.

    2 i learned that i need to be aware about the deasasters like the tornado your not a poss to own a mobiel home cause of flying debry or knowing how much gallons a avrige bath tube need to fill it or much much food to stock up on in case something happens.

    p.s is that good mr. Hermance?

  5. 1. I know for wind storms like hurricanes or tornados you need a basement or maybe low ground
    2.I learned that when your really hot or over heated do not drink cold water or you will get a stomach cramp and during a wind storm it is bad to stay in mobile homes because it is really dangerous you might as well find low ground and forget your mobile home and during a flood and a wind storm also noan as a hurracane you might as well forget your home and find higher ground and get to saftey dang and after all that house that sucks

  6. Adam, I always prefer complete sentences... Good job! Capitalization and spelling is something we'll continue to work on together.