Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hunger Games - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (p. 21-33)
Chapter two begins with Katniss preventing Prim from going on stage and volunteering to take her spot as the district’s female tribute. The rules for this are uncertain, but at the mayor’s dispassionate urging, it is allowed. Gale takes Prim back to her mother. In reverence for her actions, the crowd honors her with silence and a gesture of sympathy.

We learn that Katniss and Prim’s mother has not been the same since their father’s death.

Peeta Mellark is selected as the male tribute. His brothers do not volunteer to take his spot. We learn of the back story of how Katniss and Peeta know each other.
  1. What is the protocol for volunteering? Why is it different in District 12?
  2. What does silence at the reaping mean? (p.24).
  3. What does the three middle fingers to the mouth and then held out mean?
  4. Who is the male tribute and how does Katniss know him? What is ironic about his selection?
  5. What is Katniss’s mother’s mental state? How has it affected Katniss?
  6. What was the significance of the dandelion?


  1. 1 It is very rare someone would volunteer, district 12 does not do so well in the hunger games so most would think Katniss is committing suicide.

    2 No one would cheer because the whole crowd is against the hunger games and capitol.

    3 It means respect for someones death.

    4 Peeta, who saved Katniss' life by giving her bread years back.

    5 Katniss' Mother hasn't been able to function ever since the Dad died, so Katniss took charge in taking care of the family.

    6 It means hope like a good omen.

  2. 1- The protocal fr volunteering is mostly looked as abad one because people may just want fame and money. I think that it is different in district 12 because not many people volunteer there.

    2- I think that a silence at a reaping is bad because it supposed to be a celebration.

    3- Well the three middle fingers held out is showing respect and this custrom is mostly used at funerals and rarly used anywhere else.

    4- Peeta is the boy that Katniss knows from the bakery, and the ironic part of this of all the boys to be picked Peeta was picked and that sad for katniss because she gt help from him years ago.

    5- Well Katniss' mother state has been shock because of herhusbands death.

    6- The significance of the dandelion is to show spring is coming which means better hunting for Katniss and Gale.

  3. 1. Nobody has volunteered in decades. IT WAS A SHOCKER!!!

    2. Everyone was too surprised and disappointed to cheer.

    3. Paying respects to the deceased (or DEAD!)

    4. Peeta, who saved her from DEATH'S DOOR!!!

    5. She acted different (A BAD DIFFERENT!) since the Dad was SLAUGHTERED INTO PIECES BY MR. BUNGLE!!!

    6. She thought it was a sign of hope. ISNT THAT SOMETHING???????????

    SaNcHo is gettin' funky to the Mr. Bungle album. GOOD CD!!! Best dollar I ever spent...