Monday, February 22, 2010

Reality Television

  1. What are the basic rules of the show "Survivor?"

  2. How does one win the game?

  3. What obstacles are their for the contestants? Is their an injury risk?

  4. Why is background information given on each contestant?

  5. Why is each contestant given the opprotunity to speak on camera individually?

  6. How could the producers change the game during the show (realisticaly) to effect the outcome? Why might they do this?

  7. Is this show and others like it in fact "reality?" Why/Why not?

  8. Could particpation on this show have a lasting impact on the contestants?


  1. 1 To slay all and trust no one! They basically let the people run around like vikings.

    2 Surviving multiple tasks and challenges without collapsing or being voted off in the process.

    3 Every contestant along with nature itself is an obstacle.

    4 To help you get to know each contestant and find out who you want to pull for.

    5 To share their evil plans with the viewers. Muahuahua

    6 They should get rid of the voting system and the hands on activities, to avoid injury and unfairness.

    7 Yes. There is no studio just the outdoors and people fighting to survive.

    8 It could injure them forever and possibly lead to death.

  2. 1- Basicaly to do anything to win.

    2- Well to do anything to win.

    3- Well most chanllenges are made by the producers and some by mother nature.

    4- To help understand the contestant life style.

    5- To show what they are going through at the time.

    6- - To make the show without peramedics. For more Ratings

    7- I think it is reality because of the injuries.

    8- yes because of the mental and phisical injury standpiont.