Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Most Dangerous Game Movie (1932)

  1. What are three ways the movie is similar to the story?
  2. What are three ways the movie is different than the story?


  1. I could not get the movie started off your link.

  2. 1.
    1 Character Names
    2 Happy Ending
    3 Rainsford escaped in the water to win

    1 The girl does not go with Rainsford during Zaroffs hunting game, above that shes not in the story
    2 Zaroff used a crossbow and arrow to hunt
    3 The boat exploded

  3. 1- The first way is when Ivan was killed in both the book and the movie.

    The second was the native tree trap.

    The thrid was the bouyies

    2- The first was the bow instead of a pistol

    The second was the girl

    The trid was the zeroff's third henchman.