Thursday, April 16, 2009

Independent Reading Project

Over Spring Break, your task is to independently read the book you checked out from the library on Thursday and complete the following assignment:

Create Three Blog Posts About Your Book:

  1. Write a 2-4 paragraph book review in which you give a brief summary of the plot, identify the main idea/theme of the book, identify what you liked/didn't like about the book, and make a recommendation for who may enjoy this book.
  2. Write a short journal piece (Example: Miranda's journal in LAWKI) from the point of view of the main character during an important part of the book. The journal piece should be a minimum of two paragraphs.
  3. Find a music video on You Tube that you feel illustrates the main idea/theme of the book. If you do not know how to embed the video, just paste in the URL (web address) for the video. Write at least one paragraph explaining why this song/video makes a good soundtrack for the book.

Remember: Proof read for spelling, punctuation, complete sentences. You may include pictures with your post if you so desire.

This assignment will be due the Monday we return from Spring Break. You may email Mr. Hermance over break at if you have questions.


  1. Paragraph :
    The book I read was Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulsen. The book is about a boy that was on a plane that crashed and Brian survived the plane crash but now Brian is in the middle of nowhere and alone. Brian has already survived spring and summer. Now Brian has to survive the fall and the winter with his supplies running low.
    What I liked about this book is that it was one of the sequels to hatchet. Another thing I liked about this book is that I’ve have read other books by this author. Also Brain got a pet skunk. What I didn’t like about this book is that sometimes when Brain killed an animal the book got to descriptive about it.
    I recommend this book for people that like books that have people trying to survive in the wild.

    Today a bear was in my shelter and destroyed it. The bear also broke my bo that I use to hunt. I was able to put my shelter back together but the bo is trash now. Ill make a new bo tomorrow.
    Today it was hard to think how I should make the new bo. I made the bo big for more power but I cant use a small arrow it wont hit anything. I though of a copula designs for the arrow so it will be accurate but I also want an arrow that can protect me from a bear so I made the arrow a little big to so I should be safe for now.

  2. Paragraph:
    The book I read is called Pigboy and the author is Vicki Grant.The book is about a boy named Dan Hogg he gets picked on a lot by a bully in his class,Shane.
    The story takes place with Dans class on a field trip to a farm.The man that gave the tours locked the owner in the barn. He was a thief.The man took Dans class hostage. Dan was able to help his class escape.
    All of Dans class ended up liking him.He was their hero.Shane did not pick on Dan as much.
    I would not recommend this book if you do not like violence.This book was o.k.

    Dan escaped out of the barn.Then he had to go back and get everyone else out.
    Dan was a little nerves to get cought but he did it anyway.He felt very happy that he called the cops and made sure nobody got hurt.

    You tube:KIDS MUSIC-Old MacDonald Had A Farm/
    The song goes good with the book because it takes place on a farm and so does the song.

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    I felt this was a good song because there is no words. It make it feel like a persons alone. It also peaceful like the forest. I like it.

  5. Paragraph:
    The boog i read was define normal. It was about how Anatioa a young girl in 8th grade signed up to peer counsul another student. She had a big suprise to see that it was Jazz a punker girl who was veary into dark make up. Anatioa was veary suprised to find out that she was into playing piano. Jazz invites Aniota to her house for a swiming lesson. But when she gets home she finds that her mom and 2 yonger brothers Chuckee and Michel are missing.
    Aniota gets a call from her brother Michel later that night and he askes her to come get them. She finds out that they are at a hotel by the air port. Their mom is clinically depressed and Jazz's mom takes Aniota Chuckee and Michel back to her house and then takes their mom to the hospitle. The next morning the kids social worker says that they need to go to a foster home. They meet their foster parents. Aniota is veary depressed After a visit to her mom at the hospile.
    When Aniotas mom is finaly better they all go to Jazz's piano resital. When it was Jazz's turn to play she wasnt punk anymore she wore a nice blue dress with her hair pulled back. She looked veary nice and Jazz invited Aniota to her swiming birthday party.


    This soung makes a good song for the book becaus it is the song that jazz played at her piano recitle. This is also the song that she learned for her piano teacher who she loved. Aniota also loved this song. It also is good becaus Jazz played it many times throut the corse of the book

  7. In the beginning of the book it talks about a guy and his life in dog years, it means his long life living with dogs and he really likes dogs in this book he has a really big action in his story life, he hunts and … I think he also sleds with the dogs I don’t think it really matters I am really really angry because I wasted my time doing home work, like I had enough I could of spent my time with my family or at least go out side and have some fun but I had to read my book on spring break, spring and break are both two words it means something …… a break from school and paper and pencil and of course work.

    Wow this is a nice paragraph

  8. Juronal:
    Today i learned that me and Chuckee and Michel need to go to a foster home until mom gets better. I am not happy about this and i just want things to go back to the way they were i am vary frustrated. I met my foster parents and they seem nice but i feel like a stranger in their house i don't like it. I feel weird using any of theirs i just stay in my room all the time and i don't talk to them or anything.