Monday, April 6, 2009

LAWNI - Chapter 15

Miranda's world gets "smaller" in this chapter. The family's well dries up due to lack of rain and due to little need for the kitchen with no water, the entire family is now only using the sun room of the house. Also, Miranda's mother is hurt again causing Miranda to make all the visits to Mrs. Nesbitt's house where her death is foreshadowed.
  1. What has Matt done to the sun room windows? Why?

  2. Where did Matt get the plywood? How does Miranda feel about this?

  3. Describe Miranda's conversation with Mrs. Nesbitt. What is your reaction to this exchange? (p. 231-234).

  4. What does Miranda mean by "But my world keeps getting smaller and smaller." (p. 236).

  5. Why is Miranda so vehemently opposed to moving her mattress from the kitchen to the sun room with everybody else.


  1. Matt covereed the sun room with ply wood so that the heet would stay in the house.

    Matt got the wood from the black matrket Marinda does not like it.

    Marinda and mre nesbits conversation was after mrs nesbit dies she wants marainda and her family to have all her stuff. Marinda doesnt like it because she will be sad after mrs nesbit dies.

    It means that she cant ever leave the house and she cant figure out whats going on in the reast of the world.

    She doesnt want to move her mattres becaus she wants to stay in the kitchen and have her own space.

  2. Matt has borded them up with ply wood so there will be more light in there.

    Matt got the plywood from the gangs Miranda was the one that told Matt about the gang and what they have.

    The conversation they had was about what ms. Nesbit wants Miranda to do with her stuff when she dies.

    Miranda means she is losing her privacy more and more.

    She is so agenst this because that was her only privet space.

  3. 1. matt ahd to board them up with plywood to keep the cold out and keep the warm in

    2.matt got it from the black market reaction is that its good that she died peacfully

    4. miranda is really over reacting but I have to admitt it is getting small...well every one moved in their because its warm duuuu.

    5.Like i said she is over reacting and anyways to do the things she dosn't like is the order to survive you may not like your position but its the only way to survive

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  5. 1. Matt put ply wood on the sunroom windows to bring in more light to the room.

    2. Matt got the ply wood from the gang and Miranda dosen't like the gang and thinks Matt should be getting the ply wood from somewhere else.

    3. Miranda and Mrs.Nesbitt's talk is about Mrs.Nesbitt diying and Miranda taking things when she dies. My reaction to this is Mrs.Nesbitt shouldn't worry about diying how if she dosen't die.

    4. Miranda means by her work keeps geter smaller and smaller is Miranda is not doing that much to help around the house.

    5. Miranda is agenst moving the mattres into the sunroom because it's her only spot in the house to be alone and think ablout stuff.