Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LAWNI - Chapter 18

In this Chapter, Miranda and the family experience their first Holiday Season post-Asteroid Impact and come to realize how lucky they all are. They exchange meaningful gifts and make practical New Years Resolutions. The Mortensens, neighbors down the road, are introduced and the idea of illness spreading is foreshadowed.
  1. Why does Miranda call the family’s first Christmas after the catastrophe "Absolutely the best Christmas ever"? (p. 280)

  2. On New Year’s Eve, Miranda wonders if people ever realize how precious life is. (p. 287) What events have happened in Miranda’s life to remind her that life is precious?

  3. Why is Matt so adamant about the family learning how to cross country ski?

  4. Why did Mr. Mortensen show up at the family's door?


  1. miranda called this the best chrismas because every one got some one a present.

    the event that happioned in her life is when she got alot of present when they went to the dads house but now the one present is that they are living.

    matt think they need to learn if they need to leave the house.

    Mr. Mortensen came to the door because he needed medicin for his wife because she was sick.

  2. 1: She called it the best christmas ever because they all sang charitmas carols and they gave eachother persents evan tho there was no way they could bye anything.

    2: That they need to know that they will be ok beacus they dont know if they will live or die.

    3: So that they can get out of they house if they need to go get help.

    4: He needed medicin for his wife becaus she had a feaver.

  3. 1. Miranda says it's the best Chistmas ever because the earth is comming to an end and they got presents and they probably shouldnl't have goten presents.

    2. What happend in Mirandas life that is so precious is that Mrs.Nezbitt diead, her friends left her and the world is coming to an end.

    3. Matt really want's the family to learn how to cross country ski because incase theres an emergenice and the family has to get some where foir help.

    4. Mr.Mortensen showed up at Mirandas house for medacine because his wife is sick.

  4. 1. now that the astroid hit the moon and all the bad things have been happining they feel closer they feel more like a family espically when its cristmas

    2.She means that life is more than what weets the eye way more than the way we see it

    3. he feels that they should do somthing special somthing fun I sure wouldent want to stay huddled up in that sun room...... well I do hate snow so I would want to stay in side

    4. He was worried about his wife he dident ask much he acted serous