Friday, September 11, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – In the Beginning

The scene takes place in a laboratory where Eduardo, a technician, attempts to clone humans from cells frozen over 100 years ago. All but one of the clones do not survive. The one that survives grows to become an infant, and does not have his intelligence blunted, which is what is typically done to most clones. This is so because this clone is a clone of an important character, Matteo Alcaran.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the setting of this chapter?

  2. What is Eduardo trying to do?

  3. How old are the frozen cells?

  4. How many of the cells survived the process?

  5. What happens to most clones? Why didn’t it happen to this clone?


  1. 1. In a lab in between Mexico and the USA

    2. Eduardo is trying to make a clone that lives.

    3. 100 years.

    4. 1

    5. They are made mentally retarded. And this doesnt happen to this clone because it is a clone of a Mexican drug lord.


  2. 1 Eduardo's Lab
    2 Trying to make a clone of him
    3 100 years
    4 1
    5 The majority cant function correctly and therefore dont survive. I would consider the survival of that lone clone luck, unless i missed something.

  3. 1- A dark room

    2- Trying to make human clones

    3-The frozen cells are over a huundred years old

    4-Only one survived


    5-they died and the reason they died is beacused the cows rejected the embryos.

  4. 1: the setting is in Eduardo's Lab in a dark room

    2: He is trying to make human clones

    3: The frozen cells are 100 years old

    4: Well at first their were 36, then their were half left, then in the end their was only one left

    5: Eduardo thought that the cows hated what had been done to them, cause that certainly rejected the embryos.