Thursday, September 10, 2009

Human Cloning

One of the issues discussed in The House of the Scorpion is human cloning. Based on class discussion and the article we read together, "How Human Cloning will Work," please answer the following prompts:

  • 3 - What are three things you have learned about human cloning?
  • 2 - What are two questions you still have about human cloning?
  • 1 - Do you support the idea of human cloning. Why or why not?


  1. 3- I learned that it doesnt always work, it is expensive and in a few years, human cloning will be possibly working.

    2- What are all of the after-effects of cloning?

    1- No I dont, because I would rather have one of me, than two


  2. 1 No. God created individuals to be special and different.

    2 Why anyone would want to be cloned?
    If the clones could create monsters or new species.

    3 Human cloning may be working over time but many countries have already banned it.

    Cool Blog Mr. Hermance!!

  3. 3-It has never been succesful for making a human clone. It is also being debated on, and itm is not legel in the us

    2-How long does the pocerdure take? also how many other countries banned from human cloning also?

    1- I do not support human cloning because it is messing with mother nature, and animals.