Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Maria

We learn that most clones have their mind destroyed at birth and are treated like animals. Matt is different, he is El Patron’s clone. El Patron is rich and powerful and used his money to ensure Matt grew up like a real boy. Emilia shows the apathy of most people to clones by saying “clones aren’t people,” and the maid Rosa repeatedly says “filthy clone.”

When Matt’s identity is determined, the doctor brings him into the servant’s quarters and treats his injuries. Celia is not allowed to see him. However, Maria sneaks in to visit him. She brings him food and will stay with him for the night – getting her into a lot of trouble. Matt does not know what a clone is, but understands he is hated.
  1. How do the children describe clones?

  2. Why is Matt brought back inside?

  3. Where is Matt taken?

  4. How does Rosa treat Matt?

  5. Will Celia be coming to see Matt?

  6. In a complete sentence(s), describe Maria.

  7. How is Maria different than the others? What does she do for Matt?

  8. Why do you think Celia told Matt stories about chupacabras and other monsters?

  9. Why does Maria stay with Matt? What are the consequences of this decision?

  10. At this point, what is Matt’s state of mind?


  1. 1 Vicious Beasts that act similair as to a Zombie would act.

    2 The Doctor has to take care of Matt.

    3 A narrow room with just a bed and bucket.

    4 Rosa treats Matt cruely.

    5 Celia is not allowed to see Matt.

    6 Maria is young and has a bad temper

    7 Maria still trusts being around Matt, even after the comments the others said.

    8 Its a Mexican myth. Celia probably believes they are real and wanted to inform Matt.

    9 Maria was curious about Matt and gave him something to eat and drink. Maria recieved a horrible consequence for being around Matt.

    10 Matt is thinking " ? "

  2. 1-the children described matt as adrooling dumb zombie.

    2- maria wasn taken inside because the doctor had to operate on matt.

    3- matt was taken to a dark room with a bucket newspapers and a bed

    4- Rosa tought matt terrible, rosa pretty much like a dog.

    5- no. The reason for that is because rosa told matt that celia woud not be coming back.

    6- Maria is a small girl pretty much the size of mat. Maria is also a vary well shyould i say sensitive girl. The thing that i am going to describe maria is that she can a bad temper.

    7- maria is diffrent than steven and emelia because she is not afriad of mat and she likes and respects matt, and she dos not treat him poorly.

    8- Celia mostr likely told those stories so matt would not go outside the house.

    9- I think maria stayed with matt because she for 1 did not want to leave until the moring a 2 i think maria likes matt.

    10- At my point of view matt is very cofussed about what is happenig.

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