Thursday, September 24, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The Eejit in the Dry Field

Matt and Tam Lin depart for their picnic via horseback. Matt sees farm laborers working in the opium fields for the first time. He sees a many lying on the ground that has died of thirst. Matt is troubled that nothing could be done to help him. Cleanup crews will come for the man at the end of the day. The two will walk the final length of the trip as the horses are programmed to stay on the farm – the horse is a “Safe Horse” and has an implant to keep it from bolting or jumping, and even eating or drinking without a verbal command.

Tam Lin has taken Matt to an “oasis” off the property that El Patron does not know about and promises Matt to keep it a secret. Tam Lin wanted to tell Matt a few things without being spied on: Matt learns of the cloning process, why people dislike clones, and his relationship with El Patron. Matt also learns that eejits are similar to the “Safe Horse” in that they are programmed to do a specific task. Teacher will not return as she has now been programmed to mend curtains/peel potatoes. Tam Lin takes on a teacher role of sorts for Matt.

  1. Describe the farm workers. What are they doing?

  2. What was the fate of the man lying on the ground (p. 77-78)? What does this say of the value placed on his life?

  3. Why won’t the horse leave the farm?

  4. Where was their picnic? Why did Tam Lin keep this place a secret?

  5. What was the purpose of the picnic?

  6. Does Matt really understand who or what he is?

  7. How does Tam Lin describe the cloning process?

  8. What is an “eejit?” Examples?

  9. Will Teacher come back?

  10. What will be done about Matt’s education?


  1. 1 They are working and they do only what their master says

    2 The man suffered hydration and his life did not seem or appear important by his master

    3 The horse is an eejit so it only does what it is told when it is told

    4 The Oasis. Tam Lin does not want the water to be taken away, it would result in the oasis's beauty dissapearing

    5 So Tam Lin could explain to Matt who Matt is and how he became

    6 No. Matt believes he is a bad person/clone and that cant be determined yet

    7 That Matt started as a piece of El Patron's skin

    8 An eejit takes orders from someone else or it is a name meaning dumb

    9 No. Tam Lin said no teachers want to teach a clone

    10 Matt probably wont get one

    (Guy is below the amazing Sancho)

    1. They are doing hard work.

    2. His fate is death, that his life doesnt mean anything, but constant work.

    3. Because a chip in it's head won't let it.

    4. An oasis. And Tam-Lin wants to keep it a secret because he doesnt want El' Patron to find out.

    5. So Tam-Lin can help Matt see certain things clearer.

    6. No he doesn't. Matt still believes that clones are not equal, and sadly, apparently a lot of people agree.

    7. He describes the whole "clone birth" concept, where an egg is placed in a cow, and then he is born, along with other facts of clone life.

    8. Someone who cant think for themself. And examples are 99.9% of clones.

    9. No, Teacher is going to peel potatoes and mend curtains.

    10. Tam-Lin is going to rely on television.

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  4. 1- the farm workers are working in the poppy feilds and they have like chip implanted in their heads.

    2- The death of the man they was dead in the poppy feilds was caused dehydration.

    3- that is because the horse had a chip implkanted in his head.

    4- The picnic was at tam lin secret place. Also the reason that tam lin did not matt teling any one about it was because he did not it to be destoyed by alcatran's workers.

    5- the whole purpose of the picnic was because matt started to talk again.

    6- Matt Understand a little. for example he knows he is alcatron's clone.

    7- tam lin describeds the cloning process in a complex way.

    8- An Ejjet is a person that has a chip implanted into his or her body to be controlled.

    9- Tam Lin Told Matt that the teacher would not return and instead she will peel patatoes.

    10- The person that Matt relieses on for his educatiion is Tam Lin.

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