Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ender's Game - Chapter 2

“I like the kid. I think we’re going to screw him up.”
“Of course we are. It’s our job.”

  1. What do you believe these “voices” are talking about? Are they impressed with the way Ender “handled” Stilson?

  2. Why does Peter hate Ender so much? Give three reasons.

  3. How would you characterize Peter and Valentine? Give three descriptive words for each.

  4. Does Ender believe that his parents are happy that his monitor was removed?

  5. How is Peter’s sudden change explained at the end of the chapter?


  1. 1. I believe that they are impressed by the kid's fighting skills. After all... THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS FIGHTING!

    2. Because he had the army behind him (which could've made him jealous), because he's smarter than him and because he gets more attention than Peter. Oh yea, and since the book said it, I can too! Peter is a wide-open asshole! WOO-HOO! I GOT AWAY WITH IT!

    3. Peter is a d***, a liar and a manipulator. While Valentine is truthful, honest and caring.

    4. No, because now it seems like he has three kids.

    5. Basically it leaves options for him being a possible screwup.

    -Mr. BuNgLe says... Mr. Hermance can't stop the flow of the BuNgLe!

  2. 1 The voices like Ender's determination and fighting skills.

    2 Peter does not like it that Ender is a "Third". Ender was experimented on longer, not to mention the after effects can change them.

    3 Peter is aggresive and wants everything his way or to go wrong. Valentine is caring and tries to fix the situation.

    4 His parents have three kids, no other family was allowed to.

    5 It leaves Ender wondering if Peter is sorry or not.