Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hunger Games - Chapter 23

Chapter 23 (p. 303-319)
The rain stops and Peeta and Katniss go out in search of food, but not before a few jokes at the expense of Haymitch for the viewers. However, Katniss ponders Haymitch and wonders what her life maybe like if she wins the Games.

The two of them hunting together has an unforeseen consequence. Another Tribute has died, leaving only three remaining.

  1. Initially, why do Katniss and Peeta ration the food from the sponsors?

  2. What is Haymitch going through in the control room?

  3. How do they suppose Haymitch won the Games?

  4. What could be the roots of Haymitch’s drinking? What does this mean for Katniss?

  5. Which Tribute has died during the thunderstorm?

  6. What thoughts does Katniss have of the future?

  7. What unforeseen problems does the partnership of Katniss and Peeta present?

  8. Who died at the conclusion of the chapter? Whom does Katniss think killed the Tribute?


  1. 1- That was because they did not want to get sick off eating to much food.

    3- Both Katniss and Peeta thinks that Haymitch won the games by his wits.

    4- I think that the roots from haymitch's drinking is the deppresion of the hunger games.

  2. 1. 'Cuz if they eat too much, they will puke their guts out!

    2. Hating people and the futuristic society in whole... ya know, typical stuff...

    3. They thought that he T.R.I.C'd the competition (HA! OTEP REFERENCE!)

    4. If he's drunk outta his mind, then who's gonna guide them through the games?

    5. THRESH-MAN!

    6. She doesn't wanna be a dirty drunk like Hamwitch.

    7. If they split up, then they won't be as strong as they are right now.

    8. Cato. And Kat thought that Pee died :(<<<SAD FACE

  3. 1 Its pouring rain outside and it would be hard to get food during a storm, and they would have to be careful because the storm could last a long time.

    2 Haymitch is probably watching Katniss and Peeta and trying to get sponsors.

    3 Haymitch outsmarted the other tributes.

    4 Haymitch probably feels responsible for District 12 tributes, and District 12 roughly ever wins, so he would feel responsible for those deaths.

    5 Thresh died during the thunderstorm.

    6 Katniss thinks her future will be more boring and she will be seperated from the world, and everything she loves and likes to do.

    7 They begin fighting, and grow frustrated with eachother.

    8 Foxface. She eats poisonous berries that Peeta collected, so Peeta is considered responsible for her death.

    1. only you answered them honestly. others were just flirting out jokes

  4. 2- Videos to help him in the interveiw.

    5- Well Tresh hgas died during the thunderstorm.

    6- That she will have to be a helpeer for the hunger games and she will be responsible for the deaths of children.

    7. They argue and theur cuts and wounds only make it worse.

    8- Katniss thinks Peeta killed Foxace with posionous berries.


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  6. 1. They don't want to make themselves sick as they did this when they had this kind of food at the Capitol, it had also been pouring rain and storming in which they won't be able to hunt.

    3. He outsmarted the other tributes.