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Hunger Games - Chapter 21

Chapter 21 (p. 278-289)
Katniss makes her way to the Cornucopia, expecting a bloody fight. “Foxface” is the first to acquire her district’s backpack. Katniss goes second, but is taken down by Clove who taunts her and promises to provide a slow painful death for Katniss for the viewers; however, Thresh comes to her rescue and kills Clove before fleeing with both his and Distict 2’s bag. Cato rushes to help Clove, but it’s to late. Katniss races back to Peeta and injects him with the medicine contained in District 12’s small backpack. Katniss is bleeding profusely from her injury at the hands of Clove.

  1. What is Katniss’ prediction as she readies herself?

  2. How are the Gamemakers affecting the games?

  3. What does a feast in the Games mean for District 12?

  4. What are Katniss’ thoughts on Gale?

  5. What is on the table at the Cornucopia? Who is first to the table?

  6. Who saves Katniss from Clove? Why?

  7. What was in the District 12 backpack?


  1. 1 Everyone but Foxface would charge to the Cornucopia where the feast was and battle it out.

    2 The Gamemakers are always trying to get the tributes together so they can battle.

    3 That there would be medicine for Peeta there.

    4 Katniss thinks Gale is watching her every move on the tv.

    5 Four bags for the remaining Districts, Foxface sprints in first taking the District 5 bag.

    6 Thresh saves Katniss for helping Rue and to avenge Rue, thinking Clove killed her.

    7 Medicine for Peeta was in the bag.

  2. 1- That Fox face is going to try to salvage what is left of the feast at the Cornucopia.

    2- The game makers are changing the weather to make it more intresting.

    3- My guess is that the feast holds medicine for peeta.

    4- 1. That gale does not like peeta or
    Katniss at the momment.

    2. Gale is also worried about Katniss.

    3. Finally that Gale is jealous of Peeta.

    5- There were five bags for the remaing five districts and Fox face was the first one to the table.

    6- Thresh was the one who save Katniss from Clove. I think that Tresh saved Katniss because she respected and helped rue.

    7- Well in district twelves bag there was a hypodermic needle for peeta.

  3. 1. That Foxface is going to plot some sneaky tactics during the big feast.

    2. They are always trying to start more rivalries and try to make the show more intriguing by any means necessary.

    3. It means that some contestant will get some medicine.

    4. That Gale is jealous of her misunderstood relationship with Pee.

    5. Five bags, representing the districts left. And FoxFace was the first one to grab a bag.

    6. Thresh did. I think he saved her because he respected Rue's maneuvers and ideas. And also because he thought she was too young to die like that.

    7. Pee's meds.

    -Mr. BuNgLe is hiding from police in your mom's behind. HEE HEE!

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  4. Can someone please summarize this chapter thank you