Monday, January 11, 2010

Life as We Knew It - Chapter 10

This chapter features difficult decisions that need to be made about the upcoming school year as the book reaches late August. Miranda and Jonny must choose between attending either the elementary school or high school for instruction or choosing to be home schooled. On a bike run into the town, Miranda is confronted with the negative side of human nature as a gang of young men are looting the town's boarded up shops.

  1. What challenges face the school district in the upcoming school year?

  2. What is the school board's plan for keeping the school(s) open?

  3. How are the people of Howell, PA like "prisoners?"


  1. 1. The main challenge they face is staying open.

    2. They're plan is to use as little of electricity as possible and to cut off all bus funds, yo.

    3. They're prisoners because they are not allowed to walk alone past midnight anymore.

    -SaNcHo believes in Harvey Dent

  2. 1 The staff and students are disappearing and they cant make school food. They also deal with cramming kids into classrooms and two schools and not having buses.

    2 Trying to make the best out of natural gas.

    3 Its not very safe to be outside due to the weather.

  3. 1- The school can't feed the kids and bus the kids. The school also does not have enough teachers, so the school district had to shut down the Middle School, the school has no after school activities, and last the Schools have no heat.

    2- The school disrict is planing keep the schools open by using natural gas, but the problem with natural gas is that it will only last until October which is only about 2 months away.

    3- I think that the people in Howell, PA are like prisoners because they can not go outside because it is too dangerous, and they havae a limited amount of food.