Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life As We Knew It - Chapter 14

This was a short, but pretty meaty chapter. Volcanic ash has turned cool fall weather into sub-zero conditions. Miranda's family has moved downstairs and are trying to conserve what food they have. Most notable in this chapter is we learn that Megan and her mother have both died and Megan learns what a hypocrite Megan's pastor is.

  1. What utility has been shut off? How has it effected Miranda's family?

  2. What volunteer job has Matt taken in town? How does Miranda's mother feel about this?

  3. What has happened to Megan? How do you think Megan died?

  4. How did Megan's mother, Mrs. Wayne, die? How did Reverend Marshall treat her body in comparison to Megan?

  5. Why does Miranda call Reverend Marshall "despicable?" (p. 222) Do you agree with her? Why or why not?
  6. Who was Miranda skating with?

  7. Having a space to call your own is important. How has losing her room for the winter effected Miranda? How would it effect you if you were in Miranda's shoes?


  1. 1. The heat is gone, yoo! It effected her family because everyone smells and they're limiting they're increasingly limiting their food supply. THIS IS NOT GOOD, RYAN! THIS IS NOT GOOOOOOD!!!!!!! :D

    2. He's some sort of amateur plumber??? (Because of the pipe argument with his mommy)

    3. She diiied, yooo! She probably died because of her anorexia issue.

    4. She hung herself and Reverend Fruitty McFruit said her death was impure, and looked down on it.

    5. Because he probably drove Megan to her slow suicide. THAT GRAY-HAIRED MOBY ----! (I censored it due to CERTAIN PEOPLE taking it out of context).

    6. She was skating with her idol, whateverhisnameis.

    7. She can't swim anymore because of the snow. If I were her, I would concentrate on doing something else, because I HAVE A LIFE!

    -SaNcHo is Boogerman's son! WEEEEE!!!!

  2. 1- The heat is gone. It think this because even if Mirandas family could still have heat pretty much every one else would have heat, thatis probaly in the area. Plus in the previous chapter Aron's father was right with the heat because it did run out.

  3. 1 There is not any heat and that will result in everyone being cold.

    2 He volunteered to work at the post office on fridays. His mom does not want him to be away from her though.

    3 She died,because she starved to death

    4 Megan's mom hung herself and Marshall looked at it as what got decided to happen.

    5 Yes. He has no idea how Christianity works.

    6 Brandon her skating idol dude.

    7 Id be frustrated alone time can be very important.

  4. 2- Matt is volunteering to work at the post and Miranda's mom is worried because she does not think this is safe. Also I think Matt is volunteering because it is faster way to get his dad's letters.

    3- Well Matt told Miranda that both Megan and her mom died. I think there are two reasons why Megan died. One reason was because she did not eat enough. The second reason was because of Reverend Marshall.

    4- Well Megan's mom hung herself. I think she did this because of Megan. Also I think that Reverend Marshall was basicly do the opposite of what Megan was doing to her body. Also I think that Reverend Marshall would not be that fat if it were not for thae members of the church.

    Well I think that Miranda called Reverend Marshall dispicable because he was that fat from taking the church members food offering when they are the ones who really need it, so I agree with Miranda.

    6- Miranda was skating with Brandon Erlich.

    7- I would not be comfortble and sad and more than anything cold.