Friday, January 22, 2010

Life As We Knew It - Chapter 17

A blizzard strikes Miranda's town, dumping about four feet of snow in a short period of time. With gasoline in limited supply, its unlikely the roads are going to be plowed anytime soon.
  1. As the blizzard begins, where is Matt? Why doesn't mom allow Miranda or Jon to head towards town to look for Matt?

  2. Why is Jonny the only family member allowed to eat two meals per day? When Jonny discovers he is the only one who eats two meals, how does he feel about this?

  3. The snow provides one benefit to the family -- What is it?

  4. On p. 276, Miranda states "Right now I'm reading about the American Revolution. The soldiers had a tough time of it at Valley Forge. My heart bleeds for them." What is Miranda implying in this journal entry?


  1. 1 Matt is on his bike coming home from the post office. Their mom could'nt risk the other two getting lost or hurt.

    2 They think Jonny will be most likely to survive. Matt would be, but he would refuse to be that person.

    3 The snow melts into extra water.

    4 Miranda is sad about the soldiers, she is basically living the way they did so she knows how it feels.

  2. 1- Matt is might be coming home on his bike from the post office. Also I think that Mirandas mom does not want Miranda and Jonny going out to look for matt because it is too dangerous to go out in the blizzard.

    2- Well Jonny is the only family member that can eat because the rest of Miranda's family thinks that Jonny is the only one that can make it. After Jonny finds out that he is the only one eating one meal a day he basicly said if you are only eating one meal a day then I am too, then Jonny runs out of the room horrified.

    3- The snow provides extra water which is why Miranda and her family are collectng snow in the garbage bins and melting the snow into water.

    4- I think that Miranda said that in her journal because she is starting feel like a soldier, so she feels the same that they are feeling.

  3. 1. He's coming from the posty-officy. Mom's not letting them out because the blizzard is too ferocious.

    2. Everyone thinks that Jonny Boy will be most likely to survive. However, he doesn't want to think about it or even accept it.

    3. Well, snow is a type of water. So when the snow melts, they will have water for their veins and survival. So, obviously, they are going to collect the melted snow.

    4. Mirry is comparing her lifestyle to a soldier's lifestyle. :(

    -SaNcHo moshed with Chuck Norris. AND WON!