Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life As We Knew It - Chapter 16

Mrs. Nesbitt has died and Miranda's family has taken all they could from the house before other neighbors could loot the house. Life continues for the family with the additional supplies and Matt, Jonny and Miranda attempt to complete some schoolwork.
  1. After Mrs. Nesbitt dies, Miranda goes through her kitchen cabinets and says doing so makes her “feel like a cannibal?” (p. 240) Why does she feel this way?

  2. What utility does Mrs. Nesbitt still have that the family does not?

  3. On p. 247, Miranda said "And we toasted the best friend we'll ever have." Whom is she talking about and why?

  4. How has home schooling been going for Matt, Miranda and Jonny?

  5. Why doesn't Miranda want to study French?

  6. What has happened to Mrs. Nesbitt's house in the days since her death?


  1. 1- I think that Miranda feels this way because it is wrong to ransack peoples houses in the kitchen and to steal their food and she probaly feels even more like a cannibal because Miranda is going through Mrs. Nesbit's house, and Mrs. Nesbbit was like family to Miranda's family.

    2- The utility that Mrs. Nesbbit still has running water and This is important to Miranda and her family because they are running out of water.

  2. 1 Miranda does not like that she has to take Mrs.Nesbitt's food.

    2 Mrs.Nesbitt still has running water so Miranda's family is always taking water from her house.

    3 Miranda is talking about Mrs.Nesbitt, and its because she was a good friend to them and died.

    4 They have not been making much out of it, they are only studying one subject now.

    5 France could be underwater now so she doesn't think it matters.

    6 Her possesions were stolen.

  3. 3- Well I think that Miranda was saying that her family were not just friends but that Mrs.Nesbitt was part of Miranda's family.

    4- I think that Miranda does not want to study french because Miranda thinks it is a waste of time because Miranda said I will probably never go to France any way.

    5- Well after the day of the news that Mrs. Nesbbit was dead her entire house was ransacked (robbed) after Miranda and her family went there.

  4. 1. I think she feels this way because she realizes that stealing other people's food is WROOONG.

    2. The utility that Mrs. Nesbit still has is water, and since Mrs. Nesbit already got wiped off the planet, they think that it would be okay to take her water.

    3. They were toasting to Mrs. Nesbit, and talking about how cool she was to them.

    4. They weren't doing they're worrk! THOSE LIL' SLACKERS!!! (PROOF: PAGE 252!)

    5. She really doesn't see the point of studying a language that will have no use to her.

    6. It was ransacked and empty.

    -SaNcHo hates veggies! EWWW!!!