Tuesday, October 6, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Celia’s Story

Matt is upset at Tam Lin’s departure. He’s upset that Tam Lin is disappointed in Matt for not accepting responsibility for the death of the dog and because Tam Lin treated him like a human, not just a “beast” like the others.

Tom is banished from the house for showing Maria and Matt Mr. MacGregor’s clone. We learned how Celia came to become El Patron’s possession. She attempted to come to the United States from Atzlan (Mexico) via coyote. She was abandoned in the desert and was captured by El Patron’s guards. Unlike her companions, she was sparred becoming an eejit because she was from El Patron’s hometown.

  1. In a complete sentence(s), describe the Alcaran “estancia.”

  2. Why was Matt so upset by Tam Lin’s departure?

  3. What happed to Tom? Why?

  4. How did Celia come to work for El Patron?

  5. What happed to the others Celia traveled from Aztlan with?


  1. 1. The Alcaran estancia is a ranch for important people.

    2. Because Tam-Lin taught him a lot that he knows.

    3. Tom was banned from seeing Maria, and has to go to Boarding School, everyday, with no vacations in between.

    4. Because El Patron recognized her when she was younger. Her special virgin statue was about to be destroyed and El Patron stepped in to stop the cop from doing that. Ever since then, I suppose Celia showed her gratitude by working for him.

    5. Happed? o_0

    They were turned into eejits.

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  2. 1 The Alacran Estancia has white walls and red ceilings. It has many modernized gadgets and furniture and it has gardens.

    2 Tam Lin was one of the few people that treated Matt respectfully and like a human.

    3 Tom was banished from the house

    4 She needed the money

    5 They didnt survive the border from Mexico to The USA

  3. 1- It has many modernized gadgets and furniture and it has gardens.

    2- Tam Lin was one of the few people that treated Matt like a human.

    3- tom was banished because he treated matt badly.

    4- she was captured by a coyote.

    5- the othe rpeople had implant chips to the brain so they could only work.

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