Thursday, October 22, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – The Eejit Pens

Both Maria and El Patron leave. Matt further contemplates what Maria said about St. Francis and wonders what St. Francis would have thought about clones and thinks about eejits as his “brother and sister eejits.”

Matt heads to the oasis and begins to reads A History of Opium. He learns the history of the formation of the country of Opium: El Patron approached the leaders of the United States and Mexico to solve their immigration and drug problem. It’s a no-man’s land between the U.S. and Mexico. The Alcarans and the MacGregors are the two most powerful families. The author was Esperanza Mendoza; the publisher was the Anti-Slavery Society of California. El Patron is
described as a dictator, evil, vicious and greedy. This upsets Matt.

On his way home, Matt inspects the water purification plant. He hopes that he has the power to free the eejits at some point in the future. Matt discovers the waste from the plant is disposed of where the Eejits are housed. Matt almost drowns after collapsing from the fumes. He is saved by the Farm Patrol who return him to the house. He learns that they are Scottish and criminals like Tam Lin, who they described as a Scottish Nationalist and Terrorist.
  1. Who left at the beginning of the chapter?

  2. Why do you think Maria gave Matt he book about St. Francis? Matt’s

  3. Has anything changed about Matt’s feelings about Rosa?

  4. Is there any significance to Matt calling Eejits “Brothers and Sister Eejits?”

  5. What was contained in a “History of Opium?” How was this different than
    what Matt expected?

  6. Create a flow map to sequence History of “Pact Made in Hell.”

  7. What organization did Esperanza Mendoza, author of the History, belong to?

  8. What was the structure of Opium? Most powerful families and land?

  9. How was Matteo Alcaran (El Patron) described by the book?

  10. Why did Matt begin studying how the empire worked?

  11. What was the first thing Matt wanted to do when “helping the one in charge?”

  12. What was done with the polluted water?

  13. Who rescued Matt from drowning? What were they part of? How did Matt talk to them?

  14. Why do eejits sleep in the field some nights?

  15. Why brought Hugh, Ralf and Wee Willie to Opium?

  16. How is Tam Lin described? What did he do?


  1. 1- maria left at the begining of the chapter

    2- to show him that he3 is beast

    3- yes because he feels bad the she is a ejjit

  2. 1 Maria and El Patron
    2 So he wouldnt feel so bad, but he still feels he doesnt belong in the world
    3 Matt feels sad, and she didnt deserve it

  3. 4 Matt believes everyone is a friend or family member now

    5 It talked about how bad El Patron is/was

    6 I dont get this question

    7 She is Maria's mom

    8 Opium divided USA and Mexico and El Patron is/was the supreme ruler

    9 As a bad man in history

  4. 1. The Mendozas.

    2. To try to help his soul get to the otherside with no problems. Matt still felt uneasy about the world.

    3. Matt believes that nobody deserves to be an eejit, not even Rosa's fat @$$.

    4. He felt like he was a part of something.

    5. He thought that it was going to be about farming, but he soon discovered that Opium was a country.

    6. NEVER!!!! MUAHAHAHA >:)

    7. The Anti-Slave Society of Cali.

    8. The Alacrans and the MacGregors.

    9. Bad.

    10. He wanted to feel as powerful as El' Patron.

    11. Free all the eejits.

    12. Put into buildings.

    13. It sounds like the guys that saved Matt were part of a soccer team in different countries. And Matt talked to them like he was their boss.

    14. Because in some areas, air doesn't move and carbon dioxide builds up.

    15. Maybe because they were wanted (?) I really don't know.

    16. He owned at soccer.


  5. 4- yes because it shows the ejjits that matt cares about them

    5- is was diffrent to matt because it put down el patron

    7- anti slaverly society

    8- the most powerful family was elpatron's family

    9- El Patron was decsribed as a bad drug dealer

    10- maybe to help el patron in the future

    11- Help all the ejjits

    12- the pouluted water was purified

    13- the farm patrol rescued matt and matt talk to them like El patron

    14- that was because the smell could be two bad

    15- to get away from soccer

    16- tam lin was described as a bad person who tried to kill someone using a bomb

  6. 10 To learn what Opium is

    11 To save the EEJITS!

    12 In the eejit's quarters

    13 The eejit patrol found him and reminded Matt of Tam Lin

    14 Because they are commanded to

    15 To escape from soccer and grab a new career

    16 Tam Lin was described as a murderer