Friday, October 16, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 15

Section 3 – Old Age: 12 to 14

Chapter 15 – A Starved Bird

Matt learns that Maria and Emilia have been sent away to a convent. When going to the stable for a horse, Matt sees Rosa and discovers she has been made into an eejit. For the first time he realized what a terrible thing it is to be turned into an eejit.
Matt finds a metal chest at the Oasis, left for him by Tam Lin, containing food, camping supplies, books, and maps.

El Viejo dies and everyone comes to the estate for the funeral. MacGregor looks much younger. Matt is yelled at by the Priest, who rudely states that Matt is not welcome in church. Maria comes to his rescue, and confronts the priest. They run and hide in the secret passage.
  1. Where has Maria and Emilia been sent to? Why?

  2. Why can’t Matt send Maria a letter?

  3. What has happened to Rosa? What was Matt’s reaction to seeing Rosa?

  4. What did Matt find at the canyon?

  5. Why do you think Tam Lin left these things for Matt?

  6. Who has died? What was the reaction to Matt at the service?

  7. What was Matt’s reaction to MacGregor entering the service? What about him has changed?

  8. What has changed about Maria?

  9. Describe the children’s choir?

  10. What is the Priest’s reaction to Matt? Other people?

  11. Why does Maria confront the priest?

  12. Where does Matt take Maria?


  1. 1 They were sent to a convent to get more religious

    2 The nuns wont allow that

    3 Rosa is an eejit and Matt was shocked and somewhat relieved

    4 His secret hiding place

    5 Because Tam Lin wasnt going to be there for Matt anymore

    6 El Viejo. Matt tried to be dissapointed but he really didnt know who El Viejo was

    7 He looked so much like Tom so Matt doesnt like him

    8 She looks more mature after going to the convent

    9 They are eejits

    10 The Priest wants him to leave the church, the people stare Matt down

    11 She wanted to prove the Priest wrong

    12 To the music room

  2. 1- the have both been sent to a canvent

    2- that because senator mendoza will destroy it


  3. 3- Rosa became an ejjit, the reaction that matt had was scared

    4- the metal case that tam lin gave him

    5- to remind him that tam lin is his friend.

    6- El Vejo. When he died matt was not really sad because he hardly knew him.

    7- he was sad and, he looked 30 years yonger and more like tom.

    8- Maria is more taller and skinner.

    9- They are all ejjits

    10- The priest was disgusted when he saw matt.

    11- that because maria wanted to talk to matt.

    12- matt took maria to the secret passage

    Marie Curie- Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.

  4. 1. A church to get in touch with the big G

    2. Because Mendoza will eat it.

    3. She was turned into an eejit, and Matt was shocked.

    4. A place where Matt chilled, dizzy dawg.

    5. So that Matt can take care of himself without Tam Lin.

    6. El Viejo, and Matt was bored.

    7. Matt could barely recognize him because he got younger.

    8. She looks older.

    9. They were eejits, with blank stares.

    10. The Priest was disgusted and appalled by Matt, because he is a clone. And the other people didn't really care or notice Matt.

    11. Because she wanted to communicate with Matt.

    12. Somewhere secret o_O

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  6. chapter 15
    1.what eejit brought matt his safe horse and why do you thing this happened?
    2.why was matt nervous about being at the oasis alone?
    3.what did matt find in this chapter? who was it from? why did it make him happy?