Tuesday, October 20, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Brother Wolf

Matt and Maria make their way through the secret passage and eventually talk. Maria states that she forgives Matt for killing Furball – Matt doesn’t correct her. They talk about religion and whether or not Matt has a soul.

The two see Felicia and Tom in the security monitoring room try to use the cameras to find Matt and Maria. The two of them make for of the dead El Viejo and Felicia says something startling. Felicia killed Furball to punish Matt for how he treated Tom at the birthday party. Tam Lin finds them and leads them out of the passage separately.

  1. What does Maria accuse Matt of doing in the passage?

  2. Where did they end up? How was it different?

  3. Why did Maria forgive Matt?

  4. What did Matt think about faults?

  5. What religious predicament, according to Maria, does Matt find himself in? Her answer?

  6. How did Tom and Felicia describe El Viejo’s corpse? Why?

  7. How was Tom and Felicia searching for Matt and Maria?

  8. What does Felicia say that startles Maria? Matt?

  9. How is El Patron going to help Matt and Maria?


  1. 1 Killing Furball

    2 In an air conditioned room with machines, where Maria forgave Matt

    3 Because thats what Saint Francis would do

    4 He felt they really didnt matter

    5 That Mat is going to hel, but Maria said Matt doesnt have a soul so he wont go to heaven nor hel

    6 They didnt care that he was dead they laughed about it

    7 Scoping each room then going outside, they found Maria's hat as evidence

    8 Felicia admits to Tom that she killed Furball. Matt is shocked and Maria is in pain and feels guilty she blamed Matt

    9 Matt is his clone, so of course he needs to help him be safe and happy

  2. 1- killing maria's dog furball

    2- they ended up in the computer room. it was diffrent because it was air condition air

    3- that was because maria read a story in the convent

    4- that they were bad

    5- that matt does not have a soul.

    6- like a peice of crap

    7- they were searching by using cameras

    8- that was because she killed furball

    9- by showing them the secret passage way

    jay leno- The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver

  3. 1. OD'ing her dog.

    2. In a cold room with machines. It was different because it was cooler inside, but hotter outside.

    3. Because of her religious new ways.

    4. He didn't really know how to act.

    5. That Matt will be stuck in some sort of purgatory.

    6. They dissed him.

    7. Through cameras.

    8. That she killed Furball. THAT DIRTY JUNKIE!

    9. By showing them a secret passage.



    1. you guys are actually dumb! most of your answers are wrong and completely off topic! all of you should stick to your day jobs because you all suck at answering questions. read the book another few times until you get the right answers!

    2. you're gay bro, seriously lol.