Friday, October 30, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Betrayal

Matt is scared and unsure what to do. Matt finally connects all the clues that had been given him over the years – understanding what his purpose is and what hereally means to El Patron.

Maria meets him in the secret passage. Everyone is looking for him. Maria decides to disguise him as an eejit and try to sneak him off the estate with her. Emilia and Stephen betray them and Matt is carried away by body guards.

  1. What conflict was Matt trying to deal with?

  2. Why do you think El Patron told so many stories to Matt about the afterlife?

  3. Who is looking for Matt? Why?

  4. What does Maria say to Matt that in other circumstances would have thrilled him?

  5. Why does Matt and Tam Lin see El Patron as being like a “Force of Nature?”

  6. What is Maria’s plan?

  7. What does El Patron need to survive?

  8. What did the red light show? What are the possible dangers?

  9. What do Matt and Maria say to each other?

  10. Who betrayed Matt and Maria?

  11. What are all clones considered?

  12. What does Matt think would happen?


  1. 1 If El Patron was his friend or not

    2 Because El Patron was going to need Matt's heart

    3 Tam Lin. El Patron needs Matt's heart

    4 She said she loves him

    5 El Patron has lived longer than he should, and hes made eejits, he is fighting destiny

    6 To use Matt as her pet eejit to escape to the convent with him

    7 El Patron needs new organs to continue life, he gets them from clones

    8 The symbol of the Alacrans, the scorpion. If it is pressed by anyone other than El Patron, it will send a shock to that person and release poisonous gases into the passageway

    9 They love eachother

    10 Steven and Emilia, they caught Matt and hes being sent to the hospital

    11 Steven said they were considered livestock

    12 He's not sure he will live

  2. 1- making it so his heart does not get taken out

    2- to preapare him for when he kills him\

    3- everyone because he is supposed to die becuse of the transplant.

    4- that he could come with her or die

    5- that el patron messes with nature

    6- to take matt with him

    7- A heart transplant from matt

    8- a scoripion, and the danger was posion gas and or eletric shock

    9- tthat they loved eachother

    10- el patron betrayed them

    11- they are cosidered livestock

    12- the he will die

  3. 1. If El' Patron is cool or not.

    2. Because Matt's going to get his heart torn out.

    3. Tam-Lizzy, because Patron-Boy needs his heart.

    4. That she loved him.

    5. Because he's bullying Nature.

    6. To save Matt.

    7. A heart.

    8. It showed a scorpion, which means deadly gasses are going to be released.

    9. That they wanna make out with each other.

    10. Steven, Emily & El' Patron (THOSE HEARTLESS CHUMPS! GET IT, HEARTLESS!!!!????)

    11. Lifestock.

    12. He thinks El' Patron will die.

  4. 1. Whether El Patron truly loved him or was just going to use him for spare body parts to avoid death.

    2. To prepare him for when El Patron takes Matt's heart during the transplant.

    3. Everyone, because they need him in order to perform the transplant or else El Patron dies...

    4. "Dearest" the phrase that Celia uses to show her love...other than "I love you."

    5. El Patron has taken the lives of others to ensure that he can live for as long as possible but as Celia said "You had eight it's your time to go."

    6. To go through El Patron's escape route, having Matt as a eejit, entering the hovercraft landing field and return to Maria's covent.

    7. Matt's heart.

    8. The scorpion. A jolt of electricity is flown through the arm and a poisonous gas fills the entire passageway.

    9. " I love you."

    10. Emilia and Steven.

    11. Livestock.

    12. El Patron might die or Matt, himself, might become the state of Macgregor's clone and that Maria will be drugged like Fani and forced married to Tom.