Monday, November 2, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Death

Matt is taken to the hospital and tested and prepped for surgery to provide El Patron with transplant heart. We learn that Matt was allowed to keep his intelligence, as was El Patron’s other clones, so that his clones could live the child hood El Patron did not have a chance to enjoy. El Patron feels he is “owed” the lives of his siblings who died at a young age; he is the only one of eight to live to adulthood.

The Eejits are just “cattle” to El Patron and are of no consequence.

We learn that Celia has poisoned Matt with foxglove from the garden and arsenic, which has been the reason for all of his health problems and has made his organs unfit for transplant. El Patron dies.

Mr. Alcaran orders Tam Lin to dispose of “the clone” as he has now has “no use.” Celia is to be turned into an eejit. Tam Lin describes himself as a “mercenary” and now appears to now be allied with Mr. Alcaran. Matt is devastated when Tam Lin calls him “It."

  1. Where has Matt been taken? What thoughts are running through his head?

  2. What is Matt being tested by Willem and the other doctors for?

  3. What is the one thing that could help Maria?

  4. What does El Patron say to Matt from his hospital bed?

  5. Why was Matt allowed to keep his intelligence?

  6. What is implied by El Patron’s story and the quote “I am meant to have those lives.” (p. 232-233).

  7. What is said of the economies of the USA and Aztlan? How have things changed?

  8. Does El Patron care about all the eejits killed?

  9. Why does El Patron think Matt owes him continued life?

  10. Why has Celia poisoned Matt?

  11. Why would the technician want a snip of Matt’s hair?

  12. How did Matt react to El Patron’s death? How is the news given to him? Is his reaction surprising?

  13. What is Mr. Alcaran’s order to Tam Lin? How many other clones were there?

  14. How has Tam Lin changed? What will happen to Celia? Why?


  1. 1- matt has been taken to where mcgreagor's clone was.

    2- for the transplant of the heart

    3- maria's mother could help

    4- he says mi vida

    5- becaus el patron let him


  2. 1 Where MacGregor's clone was taken, bad thoughts

    2 Participating in a Transplant

    3 Knowing her Mom is still alive

    4 He is owed by Matt

    5 So his heart would be ready for El Patron

  3. 6- that he thinks that he owes his brothers and sisters lives to live them

    7- that they have been more advancements

    8- no el patron does not care

    9- that was because el patron thinks that he gave matt those years to live and now he wants to be payed with matt's heart

    10- that was so matt did not have to get his heart out

    11- to test it for the disease that celia might have gave matt

    12- sad and glad . by mr. alcran. yes

    13- to kill matt. 8 including matt


  4. 6 He thinks hes owed his siblings lives

    7 They are advanced nations

    8 Nope

    9 Because he thinks he gave Matt life and Matt owes him

    10 So El Patron cant take and use his heart

    11 To make sure Celia's story was true

    12 Neutral, he was told his services were no longer needed

    13 To put Matt asleep, total there were 8 Matts

    14 He cares, Celia may become an eejit now

  5. 1. Where MacGregor's clone was, that equals terrible thoughts.

    2. For the heart.

    3. Mary's mommy.

    4. That he is owned by El' Patron, but at the same time he still likes him.

    5. Because El' Patron allowed it.

    6. Patrony thinks that he owed his siblings.

    7. Advanced societies.

    8. Nuh-uh.

    9. He thinks that Matt owes him somehow.

    10. So El' Patron couldnt use his heart.

    11. To see if Ceila was lying or not.

    12. He was sad, the news was broken to him as professional as possible and he is surprised.

    13. To kill Matt and there were 7, 8 including Matt.