Tuesday, November 3, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – A Final Goodbye

Tam Lin really intended to help Matt escape. He answers Matt’s question about his past activities as a terrorist. Tam Lin is hiding Celia in the stables with Rosa, disguised as an eejit, but she’s unharmed.

We learn the “dirty secret” that clones are no different than other humans and that El Patron has kept Opium one hundred years behind the rest of the world. Tam Lin tells Matt to head to Maria’s convent once he makes it into Aztlan, and then make contact with her mother.
  1. Describe Matt’s thoughts/feelings at the beginning of the chapter.

  2. What was Tam Lin’s real plan?

  3. What was the choice Matt had to make on p. 242.

  4. What was Tam Lin’s perspective on the bombing? Working for El Patron?

  5. What did Celia show Tam Lin?

  6. What does Tam Lin mean when saying he can’t escape the “moral consequences?” What does he intend to do?

  7. What does Tam Lin tell Matt to do? Go?

  8. What is the “filthy lie” about clones?

  9. What is meant by “El Patron kept Opium frozen one hundred years in the past?” (p. 245).

  10. Where does Tam Lin tell Matt to head to first when he gets to Aztlan?

  11. What is significant about Matt’s escape?


  1. 1- scared and angry

    2- to get matt to aztlan man

    3- to get the duck tape off

    4- that it was an accedient

    5- how to be good

    6- you can not escape karma

    7- to go to atalan

    8- that they are not realy clones

    9- that he was growing it from a hundred years ago

    10- to the covent

    11- so he can be the first to slip through el patrons fingers

  2. 1 Matt was confused

    2 To get Matt to Aztlan to escape

    3 To follow Tam Lin or ditch him

    4 He was half angry working for El Patron and Tam Lin only wanted to kill the prime minister

    5 That he was turning into a monster

    6 You cant change whats been done

    7 Get to the convent with Maria and find Esperanza

    8 Clones are no different than humans

    9 His cells so he could get more lives

    10 To the convent

    11 Its a life or death situation

  3. 1. He had many different feelings.

    2. To help Matt.

    3. Follow or not follow Tam-Lin.

    4. He didn't like working for Trony-Tron, and he only wanted to snuff the prime minister.

    5. That he was turning evil, and how to be good again.

    6. That karma must come and you cannot run from it.

    7. Find Esperanza with Mary-Jo.

    8. Clones are really similiar to humans, if not human.

    9. He could capture more lives.

    10. The convent.

    11. He could live, but he could also die in this situation.