Wednesday, November 18, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – The Boneyard
  1. Describe the boneyard.

  2. Why was the tape on Matt’s mouth removed?

  3. How does Matt describe Tam Lin?

  4. What is the boys’ status at the end of the chapter?


  1. 2. So he can't escape
    3. A scottish guy.
    4. They were scared.

    SaNcHo will eat your soul!!! >:)

  2. 2- so jorge could hear matt scream

    3- as if he was his father

    4- that they are stuck in the bone yard

  3. 1- the bone yard has bones of whales

  4. 1. It is a former river (or lake) full of whale bones.

    2. So Jorge can hear him scream in absolute terror.

    3. A Scottish guy who treats him like a sunny-son.

    4. They are scared and stuck in the Boneyard.

  5. 1 The boneyard is invested with bones and bats live within it

    2 To hear his last word

    3 His father

    4 They were stuck and nervous