Wednesday, November 4, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – The Farm Patrol

Matt prepped at the Oasis for his escape – a dangerous root requiring much climbing that Celia would not have been able to do had she been able to join him.

Matt feels pity and weeps for El Patron, even thought he doesn’t deserve it.

Matt eludes the Farm Patrol and makes it across the border into Aztlan as a refugee. However, he lost his backpack, money, and was covered in black slime.

  1. What is the analogy made comparing a Buzzard to El Patron? (p. 251).

  2. Why does Matt weep for El Patron?

  3. What does Matt finally see across the border? His reaction?

  4. Before crossing the border,, who does Matt see?

  5. How was Matt able to get across the border?

  6. What did Matt lose crossing the border?


  1. 1- they both represent death

    2- that's because he felt sorrow for him

    3- a factory. immadtated

    4- the farm patrol

    5- by the farm patrol trying to get others

    6- matt lost his bacpack

  2. 1 They are both buzzards

    2 He thought El Partron was the only one that really loved him

    3 He sees Aztlan and its not as he expected it looked horrible

    4 6 Farm Patrol on horsebacks

    5 A siren went off to distract the Farm Patrol, then Matt sacrificed his backpack to escape

    6 He lost his backpack to the farm patrol

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    2. you're a fucking genius. great thinking my boi. you got me 5/5 on a reading check.

  3. 1. They are both bird-like.

    2. Because he felt El' Patron loved him, and nobody else diiiiiiiiiiiiiid.

    3. He thought it would look like a wasteland, but it really doesnt.

    4. The far-zizam patrol.

    5. He took advantage of a farm patrol, he abandoned his backpack to escape.

    6. His bookbag.