Thursday, November 19, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – The House of Eternity
  1. Use a flow map to sequence the events of El Patron’s wake, funeral, burial, etc.

  2. What happened to all of the Alcarans and most of the bodyguards, including Tamlin?

  3. How did Daft Donald survive?

  4. Why did Tam Lin not warn anyone else?

  5. Tam Lin knew what would happen to him by drinking the toast to El Patron. Why do you suppose he drank anyway?

  6. Describe the Dragon Horde.


  1. 1- they went to the chamber and then drank wine and died

    2- they all died

    3- By tam lin saying not to drink the wine

    4- that because he want

  2. 1 They buried him, they prayed, then they drink wine and die, and they joined the dragons horde

    2 They drank wine and died from its poison

    3 Tam Lin told him not to drink the wine

    4 He was afraid the Alacrans would do the same thing over again

    5 To go down with his captain

    6 Group of one's possesions

  3. 1. They buried Elly, they prayed and died by poisoned wine. I would compare this to a cult. OMG! EL' PATRON MADE EVERYONE DIE, CULT STYLE! :O

    2. They all died, Heaven's Gate style (sorta).

    3. Tammy saved his life by saying "DONT DRINK THAT STUFF HOMESLICE SKILLET BOBBO-KNOCKS!"

    4. He thought it was kind of pointless.

    5. I think he did it because he felt like Kurt Cobain. You know, he was emo and depressed. That's what I think.

    6. A dark and haunted building.

    -SaNcHo bullies Satan for his lunch money >:)

  4. 5-to punish himself for his sins

    6- a place where a dragon keeps all of its treasure