Tuesday, November 17, 2009

House of the Scorpion - Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Ton-Ton
  1. Who is Luna?
  2. How many keepers were there? How many boys?
  3. Describe the keepers’ compound.
  4. Did Ton-Ton have a problem with how the keepers lived?
  5. Why didn’t Matt want the Landarum?
  6. What happened every night? What was the significance of this event to Matt?
  7. What happened to Matt’s skin?
  8. What is Matt’s escape plan?
  9. Why was “friendship a pain” for Matt?
  10. Why is Ton-Ton loyal to Jorge?
  11. Why did the boys want to be “friends” with Ton-Ton?
  12. Matt finally admits who is his mother?
  13. Who does he see as his father figure?
  14. What is Matt’s Reaction to the thought of Tam Lin and Celia? Chacho’s reaction?


  1. 1- luna is a keeper in training

    2- about 20 keepers and 210 boys

    3- they have pie and ice cream

    4- no he did not

    5- that was because he did not want to turned into a zombie

    6- the keepers turned into zombies and the significance of this event to Matt to give him an oppurtunity to escape

    7- it got zits all over it

    8- to hop the fence when the keepers where asleep

    9- that is because he might have to let that go

    10- that is because jorge saved his life

    11- to help them with their escape

    12- He admits that ceilia is his mother

    13- matt sees tam lin as his fater

    14- He bursted into tears

  2. 1 A trainee for becoming a keeper and the doctor

    2 20 Keepers, 200+ boys

    3 Luxery,pool, tv,games,good food

    4 No. He believes they earned it

    5 He had a bad past with it

    6 Everything was left unguarded so Matt thought of freedom

    7 He got zits from the plankton

    8 To shut the gates electricity off and make a break for it

    9 He had to stick with them at all costs

    10 Jorge saved his life

    11 So they could learn more about San Luis and how to escape

    12 Celia

    13 Tam Lin

    14 He sobs and Chacho understands

  3. 1. Someone trying to become a trainer.

    2. 20 keepers, and about 200 kids.

    3. It's way nicer than the children's sweatshop.

    4. Nuh-uh.

    5. He cries everytime he sees it. And he also had bad experiances with it.

    6. Matt thought about trying to escape.


    8. Shut the electricity off so he can get past the gates.

    9. He felt sad and a little guilty about possibly turning his back on the people who helped him out during these hard times.

    10. Because Jorge saved Matt's life.

    11. So that Tom-Tom can help Matt's crew with escaping.

    12. Celia-bobilia.

    13. Tammy-Lin.

    14. He cries, and Chacho understood why he was.


  4. Sancho, we don't hate in this class... We be all about peace, love and tie dye!

  5. lmfaoooo! peace love and tie dye...