Monday, May 24, 2010

Ender's Game - Chapter 13 (Part 2)

  1. Why was it important that Ender come back to Earth, according to Graff?
  2. Why does Ender believe that Graff tells him the truth and shows some affection toward him? Do you agree with Ender?
  3. List three things that Graff explains to Ender about the Buggers and the war.
  4. What secret about the Second War has been kept from the population of Earth?
  5. When does Graff estimate that Ender will need to be ready for command?
  6. Why did the Buggers attack Earth? Did they realize what they were doing?


  1. 1. To have a break, get his mind off things for a while.

    2. Because Graff is a very convincing man. Yet that is most likely a part of his strategy. To try to get Ender to befriend him, for efforts to make Ender stronger and more militant.

    - They are a distant, insect version of a human.

    - They were known about for about a 100 years.

    - They talk to each other through mindwaves (Waves of the mind).

    4. They were originally raised on Earth.

    5. Half a decade.

    6. Nobody knows, and we have no way to communicate with them.

    -Mr. BuNgLe was a good boy today!!

  2. 1 To help diminish Ender's worries.

    2 Graff is very sincere and kind towards Ender. Graff should be trusted, he just wants a strong soldier out of Ender.

    3 1- Advanced insect like beings.
    2- Buggers are Psychic/Telepathic.
    3- Thought to be mostly female.

    4 Buggers used to live on Earth.

    5 A few years(like 6) to get his courage and strength back and learn to trust his teachers.

    6 No one is sure, but it is though the Buggers found Humans violent which led to it.

  3. 1- Basicly to relaxe his mind.

    2- That is because he wants power over Ender.

    3- 1. They are like humans in many ways

    2. They are very advanced.

    3. they comununcate through their minds.

    4- They used to live on earth you know.

    5- Well a couple of years.

    6- No one knows but we think it is because of us.

    Yall mr. hermance
    (hi mr. hermance)