Monday, May 3, 2010

Ender's Game - Chapter 7 (Part 1)

“What matters is that he won the game that couldn’t be won.”

  1. What does Graff mean when he makes the above statement?
  2. Why did Ender get promoted just when he was finally making friends and fitting in with the other students? Think back to what Graff said about isolating him at the beginning of chapter 5.
  3. What do the wolves in the play area of the game that Ender is playing represent? Why did the game represent this landscape to Ender?
  4. Is the snake being literal (real) when it says that death is Ender’s only escape?
  5. What are three differences between the launch groups and the armies?
  6. What are Bonzo’s instructions to Ender and how do they show that he is not a good leader?


  1. 1. He beat the game that no one ever beat before.

    2. They want to do whatever they can to make him the odd man out.

    3. They represented kids that Ender saw in the playground. Only now, THEY'RE GOING TO RIP HIS FLESH OFF HIS BONE!!! MUAHAAHAAAA!!!! *EVIL FACE MAN!*

    4. Noo! Of course not! No one is actually literal when they say stuff like that!

    5. Armies are more serious, they do more stuff and the army has a female leader.

    6. Well, he obviously doesn't know very good English and his plans are going to FAIL!

    -Mr. BuNgLe is IN YOUR HOUSE!!! >:D

  2. 1 Ender won a video game that the others could not beat.

    2 Ender needs to get used to the fact that he can't always be with friends.

    3 The wolves represent children turning into monsters.

    4 Thats what evil video game characters say and they mean it by they will kill you.

    5 The army has to always wear their uniforms, nothing is private, you no longer own a desktop.

    6 He slapped the girl and treats the soldiers like trading pieces.