Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hunger Games - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 (p. 73-85)
Chapter 6 finds the tributes at a luxury tower at the training center where all of their needs are met. They have dinner with Effie, Haymitch and the stylists and watch a recap of the opening ceremony. Peeta and Katniss have a conversation on the roof where that can’t be heard. Katniss considers the Avox, a red head girl she once saw fleeing from a hovercraft with her brother. She is troubled by this.

  1. Why is Effie Trinket still with Peeta and Katniss?

  2. How does Katniss feel about Effie’s description of the “barbarism of your district?” (p. 74).

  3. Describe Katniss’ quarters.

  4. What is an Avox? What penalty is levied on them?

  5. What does Haymitch think of Peeta and Katniss hand holding?

  6. How is Katniss in Peeta’s debt again?

  7. How did Katniss know the avox? Compare and contrast the incident with the read head girl with the Hunger Games.


  1. 1. She's going to FORCE PEOPLE AT GUNPOINT (pg. 75, if ya don't believe MEEE!!!) to sponsor them.

    2. SHE GOT DISSED BY MS. MANNERS!!! So she dissed her back (in her mind... COWARD!!!)

    3. They are big, plush and she likes to press buttons that blowdry her!


    5. He liked it. He thought it added to the hotness! (HA! DOUBLE-ENTREE!)

    6. He showed her a place WITH NO SECURITY!!! OOO, ITS GONNA BE LIKE OJ '94 ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

    7. They cut her TONGUE OUT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE IN THEIR IMAGINARY WOORLLLD!!! And they SLAUGHTERED HER LIL BRO AND KICKED HER DONKEYHOLE IN FRONT OF EVERYYOOOOONEEEE! (Probably to be made into an example...) Kat feels guilty, that she didn't do anything (AS WELL AS SHE SHOULD!) And both of these EVENTS happened in front of EVERYONE IN PUPPETLAND!!! (Why not, after all THIS PLACE IS FAKE ANYWAYS!!!) But it's all good in the neighborhood, Applebees...

    -Mr. BuNgLe beat up Mr. T, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee AND Superman in a Free-For-All to the death! ALL OVER THE LAST PIECE OF CAAAAKKEEEEE!!!!!!! HEE-HEE-HEE!!!

  2. 1 Effie wants to find people to sponsor District 12.

    2 Katniss feels Effie is the barbarian preparing her for slaughter.

    3 Larger than her whole house, and plush with many gadgets.

    4 An Avox is a "traitor" and their toungues get cut off.

    5 Its not the greatest idea considering they will fight in the arena.

    6 Peeta backed her up when she thought she recognized the red head girl.

    7 The girl and boy were trying to escape and the hovercraft caught them. The red head was that same girl and shes now known as a traitor.

  3. 1- sShe was going to be their mentor.

    2- Katniss most likley is offended.

    3- It is big as Katniss' house.

    4- Avox means tratior and they cut your tounge out like in the mummy.

    5- That is was not entirly good.

    6- Peeta recognized the red head girl so she backed up.