Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hunger Games - Chapter 15

Chapter 15 (p. 195-207)
Katniss awakes from her venom induced dehydrated and unaware of how much time has passed. Katniss forges an alliance with Rue and learns about life in District 11. Having acquired the bow and arrows, Katniss has a new perspective on the Games. Peeta has left the Career Tributes. Katniss plans an offensive against the Career Tributes.

  1. What state is Katniss in when the poison works the way out of her system?
  2. How do the weapons give Katniss an entirely new perspective on the Games?
  3. What is the new alliance? Why does Katniss want to form this alliance?
  4. Why are citizens not allowed to eat crops in District 11?
  5. Why does Katniss think her conversation with Rue will be blocked?
  6. How many nights did Katniss miss? How many Tributes are left?
  7. What has happened to Peeta?
  8. What do you suppose Katniss’ plan is?


  1. 1 Katniss is confused and is trying to figure out what the conditions of the games are.

    2 The weapons allow Katniss to not be afraid and flee anymore but give her the ability to fight back.

    3 Katniss and Rue. Rue reminds Katniss of Prim and apparently Rue is intelligent and unique for surviving so long.

    4 The crops are for the market in the Capitol.

    5 The gamemakers don't want the districts to know about the others.

    6 Katniss missed 2 nights and only 10 tributes remain.

    7 Peeta is not with the career tributes anymore but is probably wandering around on his own.

    8 To burn or destroy the food supplies in the Cornucopia, or chase the careers out of that area.

  2. 1- She is cofused, tired, hurt badly.

    2- The weapons give Katniss an entirely new perspective on the Games because she can now hunt.

    3- The new alliance is with Katniss and Rue. Katniss want to form this alliance because it will help Rue and herself.

    4- Citizens not allowed to eat crops in District 11 because of the mayor.

    5- Katniss think her conversation with Rue will be blocked because it is telling the veiwers about what is happening in other capitals.

    6- Katniss missed 2 nights. There are 9 Tributes left.

    7- Peeta left the other tributes.

    8- To posion the other tributes food.

  3. 1. She's dazed and confused...

    2. They gave Kat an advantage with a bow-and-arrow, which flashbacks to her hunting days.

    3. Kat & Ran Ran Rue. And Kat wants to form this alliance because she admires Ran Ran Rue's survival tactics.

    4. They are reserved for richies only.

    5. The Gamemakers want to keep the condition of the fighters confidential.

    6. Missed two nights, 10 remain.

    7. He went independent.

    8. To poison everybody's food supply. RUDE!

    -Mr. BuNgLe is what happens when you mix GWAR, a brainy kid and Harvey Two Face... WEE!