Monday, March 15, 2010

Hunger Games - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 (p. 114-130)
Katniss is prepared for her television interview by Effie, Haymitch and Cinna. The strategy for Katniss is essentially to be her self and we sense the respect Katniss has for Cinna. After a tantrum in her room, the red headed avox girl comes to clean the mess and we sense an understanding between the two of them of the traumatic event from their past.

Katniss’ interview goes well and she answers the questions honestly, captivating the crowd while wearing a fire themed dress. During his interview, Peeta finally lets his feeling for Katniss be known.

  1. Describe Katniss’ conflicted emotions about Peeta?

  2. What is Effie working with Katniss on? Haymitch?

  3. What is the point of the interview? Why is Katniss having so much trouble with it?

  4. What understanding does Katniss reach with the read head avox? (p. 118-119).

  5. What is Katniss’ costume for the interview?

  6. How are age and appearance norms different in the Capitol?

  7. How does Katniss’ interview go?

  8. What bombshell does Peeta drop in his interview?


  1. 1. She thought she was cool with him, and vice versa, but nonetheless, PEE IS A BACKSTABBER! THAT LIL--- Okay, I'll control myself...

    2. Hamwitch is going to teach her hunting skills and Effie is going to teach her about presentation... Something like that...

    3. Poor lil' Kitty-Kat can't fit into high heels... :(

    4. She doesn't like her...

    5. Fancy clothes...

    6. They dress you like your in your mid-20's, and you happen to live in Beverly Hills and you go "OMG!!! ROFL!" at every little thing...

    7. She has low expectations...


    -Mr. BuNgLe still shakes his butt, even though his mouth is sewed shut...

  2. 1 Katniss thinks Peeta is a backstabber for having private training sessions.

    2 Effie is trying to get Katniss to walk in high heels.

    3 The interview is to tell everyone about your life. Katniss is afraid she is too hostile and wont be popular after the interview.

    4 The red head isnt mad she understands Katniss would get her tongue cut off if she tried to help.

    5 A dress that lights up like the sun.

    6 The clothing doesnt matter when it comes to age at the capitol, you just have to look fancy.

    7 It goes great she twirled around and really caught the crowds attention.

    8 Peeta has a crush on Katniss.

  3. 1- Katniss felt betrayel towards Peeta.

    2-trying to get Katniss ready for the interview, and the sme with Haymitch

    3- 1. to get the people to know you better
    2. to help get sponsers
    Katniss had problems with this because she is nervous.

    4- That she does not respect or like her.

    5- Flames with sparkling gems.