Monday, March 29, 2010

Hunger Games - Chapter 19

Part III – “The Victor”

Chapter 19 (p. 247-261)

Katniss ponders the true meaning of Peeta’s actions and surveys the field of six remaining in the games: Peeta, “Foxface,” Thresh, and Cato and the girl from District II. Katniss goes in search of Peeta and finds him camouflaged near the stream. She does her best to nurse his wounds and develops and understanding that playing up the “romance” between the “star-crossed lovers” is the best way to secure more sponsors.
  1. What does Katniss perceive as the consequences of not allying with Peeta?

  2. What does Katniss realize about Peeta’s actions so far in the Games?

  3. Who are the only others to benefit from the Games’ rule change?

  4. What are Peeta’s injuries? How has he kept alive?

  5. What “first” does Katniss have?

  6. What message is Haymitch trying to send via the sponsors’ gift of broth?


  1. 1. Murder... BLOODY, DIRTY MURDER!

    2. He was probably playing games all along. Ya know, "Into the Darkness" by Kittie would make a perfect song for this book... Just saying...

    3. Catty and the girly-girl from D2.

    4. He's bruised and scabbed up and looks pretty beat up. He's kept alive because he's looked upon as a benefit.

    5. She finally sleeps...

    6. Keep working the sappy love image...

    -Mr. BuNgLe believes it's time for some KITTIE! WOO!!!

  2. 1- That Katniss treated with disrespect, and will be percevied as an outcast.

    2- Ktniss realize about Peeta’s actions so far in the Games are just to help and bennifit her instead of himself.

    3- The only others to benefit from the Games’ rule change are the two tributes from district 2.

    4- What are Peeta’s injuries are the cracker jack wounds,dehydration, and the knife cut wounds. Peeta has kept himself alive by hiding in the mud so nobody can see him.

    5- Katniss has the burn medecine and the first aid kit and the leaves for the cracker jacker stings.

    6- 1. To show Peeya that he cares about him.
    2. To help him with his fever.

  3. 1 Her popularity would decrease and people would hate her.

    2 Peeta has never been a threat to her and is probably the reason she is still alive.

    3 Cato and the girl from District 2.

    4 Peeta has the tracker jacker stings and a knife cut wound from Cato. Peeta has hid in the ground as camoflage so no one could find him and finish him off.

    5 Katniss gives Peeta fever medicine from the first aid kit.

    6 To make them continue loving eachother.