Friday, March 26, 2010

Hunger Games - Chapter 17

Chapter 17 (p. 222-232)
Katniss is injured by the explosion and lost hearing in the left ear; however, all of the supplies are destroyed. Unable to flee due to her injuries from the blast, Katniss hides from the Career Tributes in a bush where she watch Cato kill the District 3 boy.

Katniss heads the next day to the meeting spot with Rue, but she’s not there, and Katniss goes looking for her. Rue is used in a trap to lure Katniss before being speared.

  1. What are the effects of the explosion?

  2. What happened to the boy from District 3? How many Tributes are left?

  3. Why doesn’t Katniss want to make an ally of “Foxface?”

  4. What has happened to Rue?


  1. 1- 1. Katniss got her ear hurt.
    2. Katniss felt dizzy.
    3. Katniss hurting her shoulder.

    2- He died from being in a headlock by Cato. Also there eight tributes are left.

    3- Katniss betrays Foxface Foxface might kill her.

    4- Rue went into a trap net. The after Katniss come she got shot with a spear.

  2. 1 Katniss was going deaf after the blast and she went dizzy so she was having trouble moving.

    2 Cato snapped the boys neck and he died, there are only 8 tributes left.

    3 Foxface looks tricky and as if she would stab Katniss in the back.

    4 Rue got a spear in her back from the boy in District 1.

  3. 1. Kat was deaf for a period, and almost passed out. SOMEONE PARTIED HARD, EH?!

    2. Big C destroyed his neck, which caused him ta' die. 9-1=8!

    3. Like he could kill in a sec. ANYBODY, ANYWHERE!

    4. Oooh, I don't wanna talk about it, but that lil' anime-girl got stabbed by some kid in D1. Bummer...

    -Mr. BuNgLe is finally outta coma! MISS ME?!?