Monday, March 8, 2010

Hunger Games - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 (p. 61-72)
The stylists of the “Remake Center” change the image of the tributes, incorporating an “on fire” theme instead of the traditional baggy, unflattering coal miners’ costume of District 12. Their costumes bring attention to them and a positive response from the crowd. Cameras focus on Peeta and Katniss throughout President Snow’s speech in the stadium. Katniss and Peeta hold hands for the entire ceremony, but Katniss wonders what Peeta’s real motives are for his kindness.

  1. How does Katniss describe the Capitol accent? In the “real world,” what do we think of people that talk like that?
  2. What happened to Katniss at the “Remake Center?” Consider the meaning/”real world” connections of the following quotes:
    “You almost look like a human being now.” (p. 62).
    "Katniss describes stylists as “Died, stenciled, surgically altered.” (p. 63).
  3. Why do new comers like Cinna get assigned District 12?
  4. Compare and contrast the Hunter/Gatherer lifestyle of Katniss in District 12 to Capitol life.
  5. Describe tradition District 12 costumes and how this year is different?
  6. How does the crowd react to the tributes?
  7. Describe the interaction between Peeta and Katniss.


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  2. 1. She describes it in somewhat a fashion, that personally reminds Mr. Bungle of a valley girl. Ya know, with the, OMG and all of that...

    2. She was remade into something more viewable. They said she doesn't look like a hairy 50 Cent anymore. And Kat thinks that stylists are heartless and are as fake as Pamela Anderson's... well, ya know.

    3. More of a challange???

    4. Now she's treated, well, sorta like a kid is. Ya know, is fed, bathed, clothed...

    5. This time, they chant for D-12 (HA! Pop culture referance! LOL!) and not the rich part, D-1.

    6. They love it. AND SOOO DID MR. BUNGLE!!!

    7. They worked together to shock the crowd and give them something they won't forget. Like what Marilyn Manson (used) to do and what the Genitorturers do.

    -Mr BuNgLe is breakdancing to that Dangerous album by MJ! HEE-HEE! JAMON! YA KNOW IT! HEEE! OOOOHHHHHH!!!!

    I DELETED MY COMMENT! IT WAS MEEE!!! NOT MR. HEEE-HEE! Just for anyone who was confused...

  3. 1- Katniss think that the People at the capitol's accent is weird. Also in the real world in my opinion I think that people would think that from a diffrent country.

    2- Katniss was waxed and got a makeover. I also think that the qoute "almost look like a human being now" means that Katniss must have been dirty in the capital's eyes. Also the qouete "Katniss describes stylists as “Died, stenciled, surgically altered" means to me that Katniss does not like what is happening at the time.

    3- I think that new comers like Cinna are asigned to district twelve because district 12 is poor

  4. 1 Their accents were similair to a British accent, and Katniss is apparentley not used to that so she finds it weird.

    2 The stylists are dressed rich, and Katniss is dressed poor, so they are not used to eachothers styles.

    3 Cinna wanted to be District 12s stylist, but District 12 for the most part always loses so they shouldnt have the experienced stylists.

    4 In the capitol they take care of Katniss, she gets luxury foods, when she was a hunter she had to get food herself.

    5 They are bizarre, this year they were the bomb, the crowd loved the costumes.

    6 The crowd acts like Katniss and Peeta are their idols, not to mention the camera would not stop taping them.

    7 Katniss kissed Peeta's cheek, so they are connecting more.

  5. 4- Well the capital has all the food they want while Katniss is living a traditional lifestyle.

    5- Well over the years district twelve has weird coustumes, but not until this year did they have good costumes.

    6- The crowd of the capital reacts to the tributes like thay are celebraties and hereos.

    7- Well Katniss give Peeta a kiss and Katniss most likley be doing this to win over Peeta and the crowd.