Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hunger Games - Chapter 10

Part II – “The Games”

Chapter 10 (p. 133-147)

Katniss is upset with Peeta for his comments and keeps her distance until they return to the training center, where she pushes him into a clay urn and he cuts his hands. Her team says the performance of Peeta was great and that it portrayed them as “star crossed lovers” which will help them to secure more sponsors.

Neither can sleep the night before the Hunger Games. On the roof of the training center, the two meet and Peeta expresses his need to be true to himself while still putting up a fight. Katniss for the first time expresses the confidence that she can survive the games, but she too understands the effect the Games can have on Tributes, citing the example of Titus from District 6 the previous year.

  1. What effect has Peeta’s comments had on the crowd?

  2. How did the plan develop? What is Haymitch’s perspective?

  3. What is the condition of Peeta’s hands?

  4. Why do the games start at 10 am?

  5. What is Haymitch’s final arena advice?

  6. Why is it important to Peeta that he “dies himself?” What is meant boy “Purity of self?” (p. 141-142).

  7. Who is Titus? How did cannibalism play with the audience of the Capitol? (p. 143).

  8. What happened to the arenas after the Games?



    2. He talked to Pee and then they made the plan. Hamwitch thought that she needed all the help she could in the LOOOOVIEEE DOOVIIE department.

    3. They're bloody... YUMMY YUM YUM!!!

    4. When the gong is hit, RUN FOR YOUR LIIIVEEEES!!!! ITS ABOUT TO GET MESSAAAY!!! (Like a 5-year-old at an Otep show)

    5. They like to sleeep......... Mmm.... I could use that right now... SCHOOOL!!! UUUGHH!!!

    6. Because she's too scared... SHES A SCAREDY CAT!!!

    7. He dismembered his teammates and tried to EAT THEM LIKE BREEADDD!!! The audience didn't know how to act... TEE-HEE!

    8. They were booming. Like, they were goin' BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!!! All over Kat and Pee!!! AAAHH!!


  2. 1 The crowd is in awe towards Peeta and Katniss.

    2 Haymitch thought district 12 would gain more sponsors by having a couple go all out in the arena.

    3 Peeta's hands are bloody from the shards he fell on.

    4 The people stay up late at parties and need to sleep in.

    5 To run and then stay alive.

    6 Peeta doesn't want to die as a monster or killer.

    7 Titus is the greatest tribute the world has ever known! Whom devoured his enemies.

    8 The arenas became tourist sites.